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Sauteed Brussel Sprouts

If you can find brussel sprouts in your local stores right now, this is a great side dish that works with any type of protein; beef, poultry, soy, or fish.

Current Evidence for Meal Replacement

Hey there, Dr. C here. I was finishing my morning run earlier today and was feeling optimistic. There have been a few new projections that look much more encouraging than the previous ones. As I was running and listening to a report with the newest projections I saw this picture […]

Chicken Apple Salad

This is a lower fat, and healthier version of chicken salad. You can use canned chicken, or leftover grilled chicken. You can use this chicken salad with carbs like: rice, quinoa, or even a homemade sourdough bread.

antiviral protocol

DrC’s AntiViral Supplement Protocol

Hey there, Dr. C here with you. Today’s blog is in response to a question I received last week. Hi Dr. Christianson, I have seen several different suggestions for immunity kits people should have in case they get sick from any kind of virus. They all seem to be different. […]

thyroid function

Fluoride, Bromine, and Chlorine: Are Halides Really Your Thyroid?

Have you ever heard of halides? Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t, but it’s something I have gotten a lot of questions about lately. That’s why I want to perform a deep dive into what they are, and what they mean for your thyroid function.

omega-3 fats

How Much Essential Fats Do You Need?

Let’s talk about omega-3 fats! These are one of the two essential fats, and while you may have heard some things, I think you might be missing the whole story.

safflower oil

Is Safflower Oil In Your Kitchen?

I want to share with you a product you may not have heard much about before: safflower oil. In this article, I’ll share with you what it is, why it helps, and how you can be getting it into your system starting today.

vitamin d

How Much Vitamin D Is Right For You?

I have recently received so many questions surrounding vitamin D. Is it really that important? How much should you be taking? What types are best? Is it dangerous if you get too much? Can it harm your thyroid? All great questions.

Do You Have Thyrogastric Syndrome (And How Can You Reverse It)?

This is a really important topic that I am excited to share with you.  It concerns thyrogastric syndrome, and it is important because so many people with thyroid disease have got unresolved symptoms.

A Deep Dive On Iron

Did you know that iron can be the key to your health? It’s important to know how good it can be, what are the right amounts, and what you can do to get more of it at the right time.