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Mental Reset Tea

Any time you feel a little frazzled and want to unwind, here is a great recipe that will help correct your cortisol and boost your mental focus. Ingredients: Fresh Ginger -  roughly 1 tsp, unpeeled Fresh rosemary - 1/2 tsp Basil leaves - 4 Directions: Fill your favorite mug 3/4 […]

How You Can Breeze Through Surgery

No matter how good you take we try to do the simplest things to keep healthy, sometimes we need extra help in the form of surgery. Thankfully, there is good science available to show you how you can: Heal Faster Have less pain Shorten a hospital stay Needless pain medicine […]
Daily Reset Pack

3 Pill Rules

Have you ever thought about why you take pills? I have a cupboard in my kitchen that serves as a purgatory for pills I'm not taking regularly yet am not ready to discard. Most are samples, promotions and freebies from those in the health industry given for me to try. […]

Potty Talk

What is potty talk? Plain and simple, it’s talking about bowel movements. As a doctor, I encounter many questions regarding regularity, constipation, strain, and hemorrhoids. You may have one or more of these questions, as well, and are wondering how to help yourself. It’s important to realize both healthy bowel […]

Carbs, Coffee, & Cortisol…

Day to day, you and I encounter many variables that affect our cortisol levels. From daily stress to the foods we eat—all can and do affect the way our adrenals function, and, consequently the way you feel and even sleep. Let’s tackle a few questions to give you some understanding […]

How To Fall Asleep & Stay Asleep Naturally

Are you frustrated by your lack of sleep? Do you find it difficult to fall asleep in the first place? Sleep is such a huge factor when it comes to your health. If you’re not consistently getting a good night’s sleep, it may not only be frustrating, but may also […]

Heal Your Gut & Eliminate GI Issues

Let’s face it. When your digestion isn’t working properly, it’s no fun. Do you suffer from cramping, bloating, irregularity, swelling or irritable bowel syndrome? You may be eating food that’s good for you, exercising, drinking lots of water, and your stomach is still uncomfortable and cramping after you eat. What […]

Yoga for Your Thyroid

Did you know that improving your thyroid function may be as simple as a few Yoga postures? Like all parts of your body, your thyroid is only as healthy as its blood supply. Yoga postures can compress the thyroid and the surrounding lymphatic tissues to squeeze out the blood and […]

Magic Miso

I love miso soup. You can make a hot bowl of it in a matter of minutes and instantly feel more energized and alert. Along with making you feel well, there are lots of health benefits from miso. Benefits of Miso Miso cuts cancer risk. This has been shown for […]