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Magic Miso

I love miso soup. You can make a hot bowl of it in a matter of minutes and instantly feel more energized and alert. Along with making you feel well, there are lots of health benefits from miso. Benefits of Miso Miso cuts cancer risk. This has been shown for […]

The Best Supplements for Hashimotos, Natural Treatment Diet and Nutrition

There are some important supplements for you or someone you know that is suffering from Hashimoto’s. There are two perspectives on this matter. First, you want to make sure you’re getting what you need. Secondly stay you want to stay away from things that will work against you and set […]
food allergies

Can You Get Rid of Food Allergies? Let’s Find Out

Food allergies are pretty common and stressful. The question is, are you stuck with them? Shouldn’t you be able to live your life in this world free from fear about what you ingest? The good news is there are ways to reduce food allergies. Let’s first make a distinction about […]

Healthy ‘Sixlet’ Smoothie

One of my friends recently shared her shake recipe with me and told me it tastes like Sixlets! I honestly didn’t believe her, but she was right. Try it for yourself! Ingredients: 1 serving Essential Pro 1 cup frozen spinach 2 tbsp unsweetened coconut flakes 1/2 cup navy beans (lunch […]

Are Carbs Evil? Part 1 of 2

Can you believe just a few decades ago, fat-free foods were the rage? I remember one evening, a very fit friend offered huge bowls of jelly beans and pretzels to our group as an evening snack. She was so happy that these foods were 'perfectly healthy' because they were fat-free. […]
fish oil

Should You Be Taking Fish Oil?

Is Fish Oil Harmful? One of my closest friends just asked me if I give my kids fish oil. He sent me a link to a video that was ripping on fish oil. It completely shocked me. Based on two studies, the writer implied that fish oil was bad for […]
Chicken Skewers

Almost Spring Chicken Skewers

There’s nothing better than warm weather and being out in the sun with your family. What if I told you I could get everyone outside for the sake of a healthy meal? Check my Facebook page for a grill recipe that is sure to WOW. Skewer Ingredients: 4 skinless chicken […]

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fatty liver

Fatty Liver Disease

Fatty liver is expected to become the top cause of liver transplants in the next decade. It’s difficult NOT to see fatty liver disease as one of the most pressing healthcare issues in this country1,2. The good news is it is very reversible. Shocking Stats Liver disease is the fourth […]
cold and flu season

How to Know if you Need an Antibiotic

Cold and flu season is on us in a big way. Hopefully you have been lucky but lots of people are getting sick. If you are sick, how do you know when you need an antibiotic? This is an important question especially now during cold and flu season. The distinction […]