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grave's disease

7 Reasons Grave’s Disease Won’t Get Better Without Treatment

You might be asking yourself “will it come back?” when it comes to your Grave’s disease. Today,  I want to talk to you today about the 7 reasons why your Grave’s disease can’t possible get better without treatment. Let’s buckle up and learn more: Product Recommendation: The Graves’ Bundle is […]
grave's disease

10 Best Herbs and Supplements For Grave’s Disease

Supplements and herbs can have a great effect on the way you feel when you are being treated for Grave’s disease. They can also have a positive impact on your health, in general. So, I want to talk with you about the ten best supplements for Grave’s disease today. Product […]
radioactive iodine

10 Essential Questions To Ask Before Starting A Radioactive Iodine Regimen

Before you start radioactive iodine therapy, there are definitely going to be some super important questions that you need to ask yourself. Let’s go through them all and really understand what it means to go through this treatment regimen. 1. What about hypothyroidism? Are you going to be more likely […]

9 Surprising Facts About Calories

When it comes to calories, there are some fun facts about calories that relate to some weird facts about weight loss. I want to help you understand both and the role they can play in your health.

My wife Kirin made THE best spaghetti squash recipe ever – uses all ingredients from the “unlimited” food list from the Adrenal Reset Diet.

Best Spaghetti Squash Recipe Ever

My wife Kirin made THE best spaghetti squash recipe ever – uses all ingredients from the “unlimited” food list from the Adrenal Reset Diet.

olive oil

How Do You Know If Your Olive Oil Is Real?

(From Dr. C - Hey, between now and April 26th, you can get a free sample of my favorite olive oil. They just finished harvesting! Click Here) What’s in your bottle of olive oil? Are you sure it’s really olive oil? Unfortunately, recent reports show the vast majority of olive […]

What Do You Do If Your Symptoms Aren’t Matching Your Labs?

It’s frustrating when you know that something feels wrong, but your tests aren’t showing it. Today’s article is all about symptoms and thyroid lab tests, and what you should do if your labs say you’re normal, or even optimal, but you still don’t feel quite right.

roasted chicken

Roasted Chicken with Heirloom Tomatoes

You can combine simple flavors to ANY DISH to get delicious results. Here's how a few fresh, easy to find ingredients transform basic chicken: Colorful, small heirloom tomatoes Scallions (or green onions) Chives Fresh garlic Pink Himalayan sea salt Freshly ground pepper PLUS chicken cooked in a hot pan (or […]
thyroid disease

Hidden Killers of Thyroid Disease

You know how thyroid disease can cause so many troublesome symptoms. However, too few people realize that it can also shorten their lifespans, even when they’re on thyroid treatment. There are certain things they don’t tell you about. Here’s the ones that bother me the most. Lupus   AKA Lupus […]
thyroid cancer

Thyroid Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide and The Top 6 Ways To Prevent It

Breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer - we know so much about these cancers, and we know how serious they are to our health. But do you know that the fastest increase in cancer, among both men and woman, is thyroid cancer? In the last several years, rates of thyroid […]