May 23, 2023

Understanding Cortisol Slope for Your Adrenals

How does cortisol slope affect your body’s natural response? We take a look at what it is and what you can do to manage your adrenal stress.
May 16, 2023

Boost Your Health: Top Adrenal Supplements To Support Your System

Taking these adrenal support supplements can boost your system and improve overall health. Learn all about what to include in your diet.
July 4, 2022

Benefits of L-Citrulline

L-Citrulline (Citrulline malate) is an amino acid that has been shown to improve energy levels, exercise capacity, blood sugar regulation, erectile function, cardiac health, and cancer risk. This article will explain its role in the human body and share evidence about its benefits.
April 18, 2022

Best Protein for Thyroid Disease

Many people with thyroid disease have come to realize the importance of a diet rich in protein. Yet there’s a great deal of confusion as to what type of protein is best when considering protein supplements.
April 11, 2022

Which Should You Heal First, Your Adrenals or Your Thyroid?

Hi Dr. C, I’m excited to start the Thyroid Reset Diet, but my functional medicine practitioner said I have to treat adrenals before thyroid. I thought it was the other way around? Which should I heal first, my adrenal or my thyroid?
March 14, 2022

Thyroid Daily: A Thyroid-Specific Multivitamin That Works

Recently, we’ve been rolling out an entirely new line of thyroid-specific supplements for people to enjoy. The one I want to profile today for you is called “Thyroid Daily,” and it is absolutely one of my favorites. Why? Let me explain…
February 28, 2022

Adrenal Energy: A Supplement To Get Your Adrenals Humming

If you are tired or have been generally concerned about your adrenals, then Adrenal Energy is a good fit for you. The normal dosage is two capsules each morning (with breakfast).
February 21, 2022

The Perfect Blend: Thyroid Daily, Omega Pure, and Calcium Magnesium

When it comes to thyroid-specific formulations, it all comes down to ensuring you can have the right mix. That way, you’re not getting too much of one thing and not enough of another, everything is in sync and you’re getting exactly what you need.
January 10, 2022

How to Reverse Thyroid Symptoms Naturally

For a long time, I have tried to help people feel better when they have had thyroid disease. That meant trying to figure out the best strategies and options for them.
May 17, 2021

Your Complete Guide To Adrenal Testing

Let’s talk about testing your adrenals. Here’s a quick introduction to the concept of adrenal testing. If you have unexplained symptoms, like feeling wiped out, faint, bouts of insomnia, poor stress tolerance, or anxiety, it is worth it to screen your adrenal function.
March 17, 2021

Natural Methods to Reset Your Immune System

Are immune tonics safe? What if you have an autoimmune disease? Are they even helpful? A reader recently reached out with an echinacea autoimmune disease-related question. I get a lot of these, and not just about echinacea.
October 5, 2020

A Brief History of Thyroid Disease and Natural Thyroid Medication

Today, I want to share with you a quick run-through of the history of thyroid disease and thyroid treatments. That’s because I think it’s always helpful to know why we have the various conundrums, debates, and conflicts we have in medicine.