February 22, 2021
brazil nuts

Do Brazil Nuts Cause Hair Loss?

Can Brazil nuts cause you to lose your hair? The short answer? No. However, I recently read something suggesting exactly that. As with most things that contain a grain of truth, or misunderstanding of a concept (keep reading to see where this idea came from), it inspired me to put […]
February 19, 2021

Podcast – Do You Have Thyroid Disease? How Much Iodine is Safe in Your Supplements? with Dr. Alan Christianson

Every single form of Iodine enters the body as Iodide. We can get it from food, medications, topical products, and supplements. But how much Iodine would be considered healthy?
February 19, 2021

Podcast – How Much Iodine is in Your Skincare? with Dr. Alan Christianson

Some products you put on your skin can have substantial amounts of Iodine such as topicals and cosmetics. How much Iodine have you been taking?
February 15, 2021
safflower oil

Is Safflower Oil In Your Kitchen?

I want to share with you a product you may not have heard much about before: safflower oil. In this article, I’ll share with you what it is, why it helps, and how you can be getting it into your system starting today.
February 8, 2021
autoimmune disease

Should you get a COVID vaccine if you have an autoimmune disease?

I think it is a good question and one worth considering. We know that certain infections can contribute to autoimmune disease and that there has been some talk about whether vaccines may also contribute. I’ll share the facts we have at this point. The decision will be yours.
February 5, 2021

Podcast – Why is Iodine on the Rise? and How Does That Impact Your Thyroid? with Dr. Alan Christianson

Iodine content on foods has increased over time, along with thyroid and other auto-immune diseases. How does this affect our health?
February 5, 2021

Podcast – How Much Iodine is in Your Medication? with Dr. Alan Christianson

Medications with Iodine is one of the most common triggers for thyroid diseases. You might not know it, but many medicines can be hidden sources of Iodine. How would you know if you’ve already been excessively exposed to them?
February 1, 2021
thyroid function

Fluoride, Bromine, and Chlorine: Are Halides Really Your Thyroid?

Have you ever heard of halides? Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t, but it’s something I have gotten a lot of questions about lately. That’s why I want to perform a deep dive into what they are, and what they mean for your thyroid function.
January 28, 2021

Can the Thyroid Reset Diet Help Those Who Do Not Have a Thyroid?

A large number of people with thyroid disease have little or no thyroid function of their own. People don’t make significant amounts of thyroid hormone when:
January 28, 2021

How to Test Your Iodine Levels

If too much iodine can cause thyroid disease, how do you know if you are getting too much? It is a logical question, and thankfully there are ways to test. However, most tests are not accurate, and in many cases, testing is not helpful. This article will help you decide […]