August 12, 2020
heavy metlal

Does your thyroid need a detox?

If you’ve ever smoked, used non-stick cookware, or live in a city, you might be dealing with heavy metal toxicity. And if you’re also dealing with thyroid imbalance, you know just how much it can affect a person’s life. What you may not know yet, however, is how strong the […]
August 10, 2020

The Iodine Controversy

Why in the world is iodine controversial? The funny thing is that it’s not. Except for within natural medicine. In today’s article, I wanted to explain why there are contrasting views. I’ll explain where these ideas came from, what their core claims are, and we’ll talk through the evidence on […]
August 3, 2020

Podcast – Using Carbs to Lose Weight with Dr. Sarah Ballantyne

Do you feel fearful of carbohydrates? Essential nutrients have been demonized by many popular diets which have only resulted in confusion and frustration for too many. Our conversation today centers around the role of insulin in both health and disease.
July 27, 2020

The Truth About Turmeric: In Your Diet, As A Supplement, And For Your Best Health

Today, let’s talk all about turmeric. Did you know there has been a lot of new data coming out about it?
July 20, 2020

Podcast – The Dangers of Bathing With Salt with the Integrative Health Docs

Is it possible to avoid iodine entirely? The concerns about iodine, especially for those with thyroid disease, are not limited to what we put in our mouths. Many people try to avoid iodine by eliminating it from their diet, but there are other sources of iodine that may be negatively affecting your thyroid levels. Beauty and skincare products with high iodine levels, especially those containing seaweed, sea salts, and kelp, may also contribute to dangerously high TSH levels.
July 13, 2020

How Much Iodine Do Americans Consume?

Iodine is such a source of confusion. You used to hear about getting too little and now there is more talk about getting too much. So how much do we get in the modern world?
July 6, 2020

Podcast – The Real Consequences of Betrayal with Dr. Debi Silber

“Just get over it” might be the worst possible advice someone can hear after suffering through a major life crisis. Trauma can be a major source of chronic symptoms, but too often it is misunderstood and left unresolved, resulting in prolonged health problems and unnecessary suffering.
June 29, 2020

Does 5G Compromise Your Immune System?

The current global pandemic surrounding the novel coronavirus has encouraged a lot of thought about how we handle disease spread, the way cities function, and has generally changed almost every aspect of our day-to-day lives.
June 22, 2020

Podcast – Do Conventional Medications Work for Depression? with Dr. Irving Kirsch

Are antidepressants harmful? Do their side effects outweigh their benefits? Should you avoid using them except in the most critical cases? The answers to these questions only matter if the medications you’re taking actually work. And, particularly in the case of psychotherapy drugs, the answer is not always a clear one.
June 15, 2020

Should You Be Taking A Probiotic Every Day?

If you were putting together a list of all the things you should take every day, the best suggestion is to make that list as short as possible. That’s because, if you make the criteria too lax about the things you take, you will soon be taking a whole lot […]