The First Diet Clinically Proven to Reverse Thyroid Disease

A groundbreaking new book from New York Times bestselling author and naturopathic physician, Dr. Alan Christianson

People with thyroid disease need better options. Because you can feel better. You deserve nothing less.

The Thyroid Reset Diet gives you a step-by-step plan to reset  your thyroid—and restore it to good function.

The goal? Up to 70% of people feel significantly better and reverse their thyroid disease.

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No matter how long you’ve struggled, don’t give up because you can feel better.

Hi, I’m Dr. Alan Christianson, naturopathic physician and NYT bestselling author of The Metabolism Reset Diet and The Adrenal Reset Diet.

You may have been struggling with thyroid disease for years without knowing about a simple dietary solution. I’m happy to tell you there is a new way forward—one that doesn’t include debilitating symptoms and constant doctor visits.

If you’re struggling with thyroid symptoms, but nothing you’ve tried seems to work, then I encourage you to give the Thyroid Reset Diet a try.

It’s different than anything else available, has worked for my patients, and I’m confident it will work for you too. If thyroid issues have kept you from the health you want, I’d like to help you reclaim it so you can live free of those limits.

Yours in good health,

No matter how long you’ve struggled, don’t give up because you can feel better.

How Does the Thyroid Reset Diet Work?

We now know that thyroid disease is more reversible than previously thought. But we are exposed to more iodine, in higher amounts, than ever before.

Our thyroids need iodine, but too much is a problem! 30 to 40% of American adults are consuming unsafe levels of iodine. Those who can’t tolerate it, get thyroid disease.

If you are among the millions of people with an unsafe iodine intake, that could be why thyroid disease is holding you back. So, The Thyroid Reset Diet may be your answer.

This book is a new approach to the problem. Clinical trials have shown that careful iodine reduction can successfully reverse thyroid disease and eliminate its symptoms.

This healthy diet does not restrict food categories! I created a simple action plan that can help your thyroid heal, and then restore it to good function.

If you were recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism and/or Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, there is a good chance that this diet plan could reverse your illness.

How You Will Transform

Heal Your Thyroid

Your thyroid is the key to physical energy, healthy hair, and memory.

Stabilize Your Energy

Sleep better, maintain mental clarity all day, and eliminate food cravings.

Shrink Your Waist

The meal plan helps you shed excess pounds and drop inches off your waist as you reset your thyroid.

What Is Included in the Book?

28-Day Meal Plan

A suggested meal plan for your Thyroid Reset phase.

Weekly Shopping Lists

It is easy to assemble meals that fit the Thyroid Reset Diet guidelines.

Over 70 Recipes

Recipes that Kirin, my wife, and I make regularly (that our family loves). Breakfast? Mains? Dessert? I’ve got you covered.

Gluten free, vegan or AIP? You’ll have lots of recipes to choose from. Many will work for you as they are. Most of the rest have some simple modifications you can use.

To Get The Results You Deserve, Follow A Plan That’s Been Proven To Work

Top Experts Agree…


“In the Thyroid Reset Diet, Dr. C dives into the complexities and subtleties of the growing rates of thyroid disease and how to manage them. Anyone with a known or suspected thyroid condition needs this careful investigation that Dr. C has conducted and turned into a clear and practical plan with this book.”
Cleopatra Kamperveen, Ph.D. President, The Fertility & Pregnancy Institute

“As thyroid disease is common and increasing, this book is important and indispensable. Everyone with thyroid disease should read the Thyroid Reset Diet.”
Steven Masley, MD, FAHA, FACN, CNS, best-selling author, The 30-Day Heart Tune-Up.

“Yes! You can reverse your thyroid disease symptoms. In The Thyroid Reset Diet, Dr. C. shows you how to fix your thyroid issues naturally – it’s the most innovative treatment plan around and addresses the critical issue of how iodine really impacts your thyroid.”
JJ Virgin, NYT Bestselling Author, Celebrity nutrition expert and Fitness Hall of Famer

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