From Obese and Epileptic to “Top Doc”

I research. I inspire. I love natural health.

Hey there! Dr. C here.

Ok, here’s my story.

My mom was a young teenager. She had her own health issues and was in no place to start a family. It all took a toll on me and I was born with seizures and coordination problems thought to be cerebral palsy.

I was adopted by the best parents a child could ask for. They were a farm couple in rural Minnesota who could not have kids of their own. They are my parents and I owe everything to them. I could not do sports or physical play but mom read to me all the time!

Your health is a matter of fact. Your treatment is a matter of opportunity.

They did not have much but they bought me an encyclopedia set. I fell in love with books, learning, and ideas.

But I wasn’t healthy. I had a strong love for food which did not work with my sedentary life as a bookworm. I started to get heavy.

Then we started to move often. I was not extroverted and did not like being the new kid. I didn’t fit in and got teased about my weight. It hurt.

I turned to books. My local library had a few dozen health books and I read them all.

At age 12, I realized that 3 things would make my life better:

  1. Exercise
  2. Good food
  3. Health information

These became my obsessions.

Exercise was tricky. I was far from a natural athlete, but I kept going. I can’t tell you how many setbacks and injuries I’ve had. After these and all the major surgeries, I could have quit countless times.

Somehow I’ve managed to win lots of (smaller) races and even qualify for the Boston Marathon.

Discover. Empower. Live well.

A fresh approach to living well.

The food journey has been learning what to eat and how to cook it. I’ve tried many fad and extreme diets but come to realize that food is our friend. A good diet should be thoughtful but needn’t be extreme.

Cooking started with protein shakes for breakfast before runs and expanded into school lunches and the occasional dinner for the family.

In high school and college I cooked professionally. I’ve had lots of great chefs who have personally mentored me and many more who have inspired me through their work. I love developing new recipes for my books!

Health info
Curiosity never stopped. I knew medicine was a calling. At first I planned on becoming an MD. When I shared my passion for diet and nutrition, doctors told me that was not part of practice. One doctor told me that if I pursued ‘that stuff’ I could lose my license – even if I was helping people!

Thankfully I discovered Naturopathic Medicine – a field that embraces the best of conventional technology along with diet and natural treatments. I became a Naturopathic Physician in 1996. As it became clear that thyroid disease and hormone care were my focus, I specialized as a Naturopathic Endocrinologist.

It was natural to write because books meant so much to me, they changed my life. I’ve written 8 books so far and have become a New York Times Bestselling author.

Diagnose the true source of discomfort, then champion scientific and natural solutions.

Life today
After practicing for 25 years, I’ve moved into semi-retirement. I do occasional consults, write blogs, and work on future books.

I love time in nature, especially with my family. I read, cook, and exercise every day.

That’s it so far!

Never give up on your health. It is the key to everything good in life. With the right knowledge and persistence, you can have the health you want.