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257 Names of Sugar, Which Is Best?

Hi there. Dr. C here and I have a special guest in the studio with me today. You want to say hi. Dr. C’s Son Ryan:  Hi my name is Ryan and I am Dr. C’s son and looks like from the title we are going to be talking about 257 […]

Does Melatonin Cause Infertility?

Dr. Alan Christianson here. Does melatonin cause infertility? This is a really good question and answering this question is a great case study for the thought process on how the body works. How Biochemistry functions. What is Melatonin? Where does it come from? Why would we be concerned about this? […]

Baby Bok Choy

Okay, I will unveil it. Baby Bok Choy. Well, I guess the title gave it away already but this is the best stuff. So this is a plant and there is also regular bok choy available of course. This is a plant that is a mixture of a leafy green […]

Where Is Your pH?

Hey there. Welcome. We want to talk all about pH on this one. Where is your pH and how does it relate to your health? What are some action steps and what are some myths we can dispel. We hear about this quite a bit relative to food and water […]

Exercise Theory

Hi! Dr. Christianson here. We have heard so much about exercise being important for us – for stress reduction, our metabolism, endorphin production, our mood and detoxing the body. We hear of all these powerful things it does. What if all that was wrong? What if exercise actually did not […]

Which Foods Can Raise My Testosterone?

Hey, there! Dr. Alan Christianson here. We had a great question sent to our Facebook page. Sam asked us what foods he can eat to raise his testosterone levels. Really cool question, and I want to go above and beyond with my answer to show the significance of this topic.

Turkey Tacos in Lettuce Wraps

These fresh and delicious lettuce wraps are quick, easy and Dr. C approved for the Adrenal Reset Diet! Get this and many more of Dr. C's favorite recipes by downloading the cookbook on the bottom of the "START HERE" page! Ingredients: 1 lb. ground turkey 2 Tbsp. olive oil 1 small […]

The Benefits of Beans Part 2 – Calming the Fears

In the last installment of this article, I showed that adding beans to your diet can improve your health in many ways, such as lowering the risk for cancers, improving blood sugar, helping your intestinal flora and slowing the aging process. Yet, despite these clearly-documented benefits, many are concerned about […]

Are Your Veggies Poisoned?

Hi, there! Dr. Alan Christianson here. Are your veggies poisoned? What do I mean by this? There has been a big trend in popular literature, discussing certain foods. A lot of blog posts and experts have talked about things hidden in your food that seem really dangerous. The big dangers […]