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sugar cravings

8 Astonishing Ways to Conquer Sugar Cravings

We know that sugar can take a toll on our bodies, but how do we manage and overcome cravings when they happen? There is a way to disrupt your cravings, and to conquer your addiction to sugar. Simply follow these tips, and you’ll be kicking your sugar habit for good. […]

Adding More Protein for Your Weight Loss with the Right Shake

Imagine the taste of blended-up chalk, lawn clippings and dirt. OK, now stop imagining it. Protein shakes can help with weight loss, but only when they taste good. Read on to learn why protein matters, how to make a great shake and for some award-winning recipes compliments of the Integrative […]
sex drive

Is Hypothyroidism Ruining Your Sex Drive?

Your sex drive can say a lot about your overall health, and a libido in crisis is cause for serious concern. Have you felt like your sex drive has been suffering lately? Hypothyroidism might be the root cause of your issues. Get that spark back into your life by understanding […]

Update – Epstein Barr Virus – the hidden cause of Hashimoto’s?

Is Epstein-Barr virus the cause behind your thyroid issues? If you have been wondering how you got thyroid disease in the first place, why your antibodies are staying so high and why do you get sick so easily, you absolutely need to consider it. Once we know more about Epstein-Barr […]


Don’t Ignore These 11 Most Important Thyroid Symptoms

The Role of Thyroid Every cell in your body needs to generate fuel and eliminate waste and how well it does that is managed by your thyroid hormones. Your thyroid also affects how you rebuild proteins, those that make up: Muscles Tendons Ligaments Skin Hair Nails The thyroid controls all […]
thyroid supplements

5 Clear Reasons Why Low Thyroid Supplements Can Backfire

Have you just started realizing how important your thyroid function truly is? There are so many over the counter low thyroid supplements out there, but are they effective? Today, I am going to tell you 5 clear reasons how these supplements can backfire. Learn the risks, and then make the […]
type 2 diabetes

How To Detox The 4 Worst Diabetes-Causing Chemicals Today

We used to think diabetes was caused by body fat, sugar, and inactivity. You might be surprised how large of a role environmental toxicants play. Get started on reversing type 2 diabetes, or reversing prediabetes, with this incredibly helpful cleanse for diabetics today. For years, it seemed that many had […]

Seared Cod with Chilled Potatoes

If carbs have gotten a bad rap, potatoes have taken the brunt of it. Ironically, potatoes can make the unhealthiest food (potato chips) and can be one of the healthiest (chilled boiled potatoes). Potatoes have resistant starch, but it is destroyed when cooked at high temperatures, such as when baking […]

Optimal Thyroid Dosage for Increased Energy and Weight Loss

Do you know if you’re taking the right amount of thyroid medicine, or if you have the idea TSH level for weight loss? When it comes to Hashimoto thyroiditis weight loss, just because you’re taking more does not mean you’re getting better.

Favorite Thing: High-Powered Chicken Soup

Industrial strength chicken soup! Long travel takes it’s toll on the best of us, my wife Kirin is fighting off a cold after our trip. While she’s sleeping, I’m going to surprise her with some high-powered chicken soup to help her recover faster.