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Do you need medications for adrenal fatigue?

If you have noticed your adrenals crashing, you might have to start thinking about whether or not you need adrenal medications. I would love to take some time out today to share some insights with you on whether or not adrenal medications are a good idea Adrenal Fatigue and Adrenal […]
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How To Choose The Best Herbs For Your Adrenals

Herbs can be super helpful for our bodies, but they can also cause redundancies where we do not need them. Would you drive with your foot on the brake and the gas at the same time? Of course you wouldn’t. Today, let’s talk about adrenal herbs and the best adrenal […]

Blog Posts – Adrenal

Adrenal April 11, 2022Which Should You Heal First, Your Adrenals or Your Thyroid?Hi Dr. C, I’m excited to start the Thyroid Reset Diet, but my functional medicine practitioner said I have to treat my adrenals before my thyroid. I thought it was the other way around. Which should I heal […]

Adrenal Quiz – Crashed

Your Adrenal Health Level Is: Crashed Crashed When you’re not feeling your best, everyday can be a struggle. Understanding what your body needs can be a game changer. I highlight the basic concepts of adrenal function and how they apply to your specific state in this video. Now is your […]

Do You Need Hydrocortisone For Low Adrenals?

Do you have an adrenal disease or adrenal dysfunction? If you do have low cortisol due to adrenal dysfunction is hydrocortisone something you should consider? Today, I’d like to break down everything that you need to know about your adrenals and their relationship with hydrocortisone.