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thyroid surgery

Do You Really Need Thyroid Surgery?

The thought of undergoing thyroid surgery can cause a stir of emotions: fear, panic, worry… During this time, you also have to make a very important decision that is going to affect your health, leaving you wondering, “Am I making the right choice?”


Is It Depression Or Hidden Thyroid Disease?

You might be struggling, and you might be looking for answers – today, I would love to be able to help you with both. If you feel like you are dealing with depression, it helps to get to the bottom of things. To know whether it’s depression, or even hidden thyroid […]

low iodine diet

Benefits Of A Low-Iodine Diet For Your Health

It’s a question that is essential to your health: are you getting too much or too little iodine? We often refer to iodine as the “goldilocks” nutrient of your thyroid. Not too much, not too little, things need to be just right to secure your long-term health. Let’s dive into […]

hormone replacement

Don’t Let Hormone Replacement Hurt Your Thyroid

If you have ever experienced the night sweats, insomnia, hot flashes and mood swings, or depression and irritability associated with perimenopause and menopause, you know just how uncomfortable these symptoms can be for you.


Update – What is the Best Exercise for Thyroid Disease?

Interested in exercise for the thyroid gland, or exercise to reduce thyroid problems? We are all familiar with the numerous benefits exercise has on our lives. Whether it is stress reduction, lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease or improving metabolism/body composition. Indeed, weight gain and fatigue are common struggles of […]

keto diet

Update – Case Study: Keto-Induced Hypothyroidism

Do you feel like your diet is affecting your thyroid? It probably is. Today, I want to explore the relationship between the keto diet and hypothyroidism. Particularly, how keto and thyroid health might be more connected than you might think (and not in a good way). I often get questions […]

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Top 21 Thyroid Supplements & Vitamins for Optimal Function

I have something really important I want to share with you. I’m often asked the kind of nutrients that are helpful for thyroid disease, especially for those already on a healthy diet. That begs the question: are supplements even helpful for thyroid disease? If so, which should you take? How much […]

algae oil

Algae Oil for Cooking – A Safe New Option

Cooking oils come in all shapes, sizes, and types, but have you considered recently switching up your preferred choice of oil? I’d like to introduce you to something new: algae cooking oil! Let me tell you a bit more about it…


How Does Your Pituitary Affect Thyroid Disease?

I recently wrote an article all about the importance of your T3 (Read: How high should my T3 be). How you need to have not too much, or too little, in order to secure your health. The article caused lots of great questions to come in.