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The 7 Ways Your Thyroid Can Affect Your Fertility

Have you reached the point where you do not know what to do about your fertility? If you have been struggling with fertility, I am here today to talk to you about the important connection between Hashimoto’s disease and fertility. This is critical information, even if your doctor thinks you […]

paleo diet

Is The Paleo Diet Really Paleo?

Have you heard of the paleo diet? Chances are you have. Today, I want to dive a little bit into what makes up the paleo diet. If it really is as “paleo” as you might have heard. Let’s look into the science, and uncover some facts and dispel some myths. […]

baked shrimp with lemon and chives

Baked Shrimp with Lemon & Chives

This has all the elements of a perfect meal.   Easy – uses only a few ingredients Fast (only takes 15 minutes….longer if you have to peel the shrimp first) Healthy Delicious – packed with flavor   There had been some concern over whether or not shrimp was healthy. Dr. […]


Is Wine Good For Your Heart?

Have you heard of the “French paradox”? I have had a lot of people openly wondering about the role that wine plays in your heart’s overall health. Is it good? Is it dangerous? What kind of risks factors exist? I want to dive into the science with you today so […]


Eggs: Incredible or Inedible?

Eggs – how much do we really know about them? It’s about time that we dug into the science, and really discovered what it means to eat eggs. Join me on this journey, and will scour the science and find the truth – for your benefit. Are you ready to […]


Top priority: how to avoid plastic today

Avoiding plastics in your day-to-day life might seem difficult, but it is much easier than it appears. Whether you know you need to start avoiding them or want to learn more about why today’s discussion will ultimately show you how avoiding plastics every day can be easily achieved. Is plastic […]