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How To Reset & Boost Your Metabolism

I get lots of questions about metabolism boosters and what people can do to boost their metabolism in a way that is good for their health. Today, I want to talk to you about your metabolism, the metabolism reset diet and some of the big needle movers that can really […]


Gluten-Free: What Does That Really Mean?

It might contradict everything you have heard before, but I have one question for you: Is it bad to go gluten-free? This is such an important question. It’s also something I think we should be digging into the science to learn more about. Let’s perform a deep dive on why […]


Sublingual Immunotherapy: A Solution for Food Allergies

Thanks to recent medical updates, suffering from allergies doesn’t have to be a life sentence! We even have an exciting treatment solution available to help restore your health. That even includes reducing your allergic response to pollen and foods, too. Let me tell you a bit more about it right […]


Can You Reverse Thyroid Disease?

At Integrative Health, I have seen patients markedly improve their overall health, lower their antibodies in lab results, and balance their hormones. Thanks to natural treatment methods. Today, I want to share with you a couple of examples to show you what these improvements look like and how you can […]

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Do Elimination Diets Work?

Have you heard of the “elimination diet”? This is a diet which seeks to eliminate certain foods, in order to feel better. An increasing number of people are doing it, but how much do you know about it?

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Leaky Liver: Are You Struggling With A Leaky Liver?

Leaky Liver disease is serious, and I want to help you unpack some of the leaky liver symptoms that you might even be struggling with right now.

How to Boost Your Metabolism When You Have an Underactive Thyroid

Your thyroid plays such a tremendous role in your metabolism1. When your thyroid is slow, it can impair your metabolism by up to 30%. In this article, we will discuss how optimizing your exercise routine, TSH levels, and iodine intake can help boost you back to your normal metabolism.

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Helpful Resources for Waist Loss

Dr. Joe Tatta: Healing Pain Podcast – Nutrition Facts And Fiction About Pain Watch Now Learn True Health Podcast with Ashley James – Episode 307: Metabolism Reset Diet Listen Now Dr. Jack Wolfson: The Healthy Heart Show – Waist Loss Not Weight Loss with Dr. Alan Christianson Watch Now

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How to Make Your Reset Last and Maintain Weight

If you have worked hard in the new year to get your body back on track, I’d love to help make sure you don’t lose ground, with the Metabolism Reset Diet. We’ll also talk about how you can maintain weight once you wrap up the program.

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Is A Paleo or Vegan Diet Better (Or Worse) For Thyroid Disease?

One of your most asked questions is about different diets, specifically for thyroid disease, and how effective they can be for your thyroid health. So I sat down and I researched it, for 2 YEARS. What I discovered is so important for your thyroid, that I wrote the Thyroid Reset […]