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Updated – How Wet Socks Can Save Your Day

Do you feel like you might be right on the edge of getting sick? One of my favorite tricks out there involves a pretty unexpected pair: wet socks to bed! If you feel like you might be coming down with something, or simply a bit lethargic, here is how it […]

Shrimp and Quinoa Salad

Food is a family affair at our house. Not only do Dr. C and I love to cook, but our 19-year-old daughter, Celestina, loves cooking as well. One night when Dr. C was recently out of town I invited her to come over and help with dinner. She loves to […]

10 Minute Grilled Salmon Bowl

I love meals that are easy to assemble and have lots of fresh ingredients. “Bowls” are great because you can make all the ingredients available and everyone at your table can use the portions they prefer. When you are following the Adrenal Reset Diet, you can use as many veggies […]