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Is Hypothyroidism Ruining Your Sex Drive?

Your sex drive can say a lot about your overall health, and a libido in crisis is cause for serious concern. Have you felt like your sex drive has been suffering lately? Hypothyroidism might be the root cause of your issues. Get that spark back into your life by understanding […]

Seared Cod with Chilled Potatoes

If carbs have gotten a bad rap, potatoes have taken the brunt of it. Ironically, potatoes can make the unhealthiest food (potato chips) and can be one of the healthiest (chilled boiled potatoes). Potatoes have resistant starch, but it is destroyed when cooked at high temperatures, such as when baking […]

Roasted Rainbow Cauliflower

Have you mastered your unlimited foods? They’re one of my big keys to taming the cravings and reducing the appetite. Kirin makes a mean roasted cauliflower, but we always have a problem with it, there is never enough! I swear the last batch she made was with 3 whole cauliflowers in […]