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How Well Is Your Thyroid Working?

Interested in figuring out how well your thyroid is working? The American Thyroid Association recently surveyed over 12 thousand people on treatment for hypothyroidism and asked them how well their treatment was working.

collagen protein

Does Collagen/Bone Broth Protein Work?

Recenlty, I have seen a real lack of clarity surrounding collagen protein, so I wanted to put together an article to give you a good read on the subject and what you should know. Today, let me tell you the complete story on collagen protein and what you can do […]

How Can You Shrink Thyroid Nodules?

Maybe you have never heard this before, but did you know that 40% of women in their 40’s have thyroid nodules? Healing thyroid nodules and learning how to shrink thyroid nodules without surgery is possible, but you need to start by knowing more about it. If you have been concerned […]