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What Low TSH and Low T3 Truly Means

Hi Dr. C, “My functional medicine doctor says my T3 is too low but when he raises my dose my TSH gets too low but my T3 does not go up. What can I do?” Lorraine

What is the Ideal Range for Iodine and Your Thyroid?

You may have come under the impression that iodine is either toxic and you should not have any in your system, or it’s great and the sky’s the limit. But, there is a healthy range that you can consider to learn just how much iodine is best for you, especially […]

chocolate reset shake

The New Chocolate Reset Shake

You asked for it and they are in! The Chocolate Reset shakes are ready to go and I’m excited for you to taste them.


What are the Absolute Best Supplements for Hashimoto’s Disease?

Recently, I received an important question that inspired something of a deep dive. It went like this: “Hi, Dr. C., I’m desperate to lower my thyroid antibodies, lose weight, and feel better. What would be the ultimate list of supplements to help?”

How T2 Thyroid Hormone Benefits Your Other Supplements

Have you ever heard of T2 thyroid hormone? I’m sure you know of T4. Maybe even T3 and its role in your health. But, T2 may just be the unsung hero in your thyroid’s spectrum of hormones. That’s why, today, I’m dedicating some time to share with you how T2 […]

Does squid have iodine

Is squid the new chicken?

I want to share with you one of my new favorite foods. While it might seem a bit exotic or difficult to work with, it is anything but! In fact, based on the benefits, I think it should be an essential part of your diet moving forward. I’m talking about […]

Are Beets Safe For Your Thyroid?

I recently heard of an interesting study. In it, research suggested that beets might be dangerous for those with thyroid disease. Once I heard it, I knew I had to find out whether or not this was true. So, today, let’s dig in: are beets safe for your thyroid?

linoleic acid

Are Omega-6 Fats Bad For Your Health?

You have probably heard that you want to avoid industrial seed oils because they are highly inflammatory, prone to oxidative stress, and basically bad news all around. I have heard that, too, and I totally get the ideas behind them. But, is it all true?

sea vegetables

Are Sea Vegetables and Algae Safe for Your Thyroid?

I often get questions about sea vegetables. Specifically, those who are curious about controlling their iodine intake but don’t want to miss out on the many nutrients they provide. So, let’s break down the ones you might want to consider, avoid, and what you need to know!


Does Iodine Prevent Breast Cancer Or Cause It?

I recently received a really good question about the relationship between iodine and breast cancer. It was so good, that I want to base our discussion today around it. Here’s what you need to know about whether or not iodine prevents breast cancer.