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How to Update Your Supplements

Proper use of supplements can prevent nutrient deficiencies and help you feel your best. All too often people miss out on the simplest steps that help the most. The most common problem is that they have too many supplements from too many places and they are not sure which are […]

Too Little Iodine?

Someone just DM’d me a question on Instagram: “Hi Dr. C, what are the symptoms of too little iodine?” I’ve talked a lot about the dangers of too much iodine for those prone to thyroid disease. The data is clear. Iodine is not ‘bad’, our bodies need it. Yet the […]


Is B6 Toxicity Holding Back Your Health?

Are you toxic in B6? While it might not seem obvious at first, it is an all too common occurrence for many people. That’s why I want to walk you through what it is, how it happens, and how you can avoid it. I hope you’ll join me on this […]

How Do Iodine Levels Affect Breastfeeding?

Looking for some iodine during pregnancy guidelines? Are you specifically concerned about an iodine deficiency during breastfeeding? In this article, I want to clear up some common questions and concerns when it comes to the topic of iodine levels and breastfeeding.

How Exercise Increases Your Energy Levels

What are the scientific benefits of exercising on things like your mental health or energy levels? In this article, I’ll walk you through some of the researched benefits, as well as how to implement some healthy and sustainable exercises into your daily routine.

The Surprising Benefits of IV Therapy

What are the benefits of IV therapy? In my own work, my goal is always to find safe, natural, and effective ways to boost your health and reverse some chronic symptoms. For that reason, focusing on intravenous nutrients may offer some clear benefits.