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Should You Be Taking A Probiotic Every Day?

If you were putting together a list of all the things you should take every day, the best suggestion is to make that list as short as possible. That’s because, if you make the criteria too lax about the things you take, you will soon be taking a whole lot […]

How Much Red Meat Is Safe For You?

Red meat. Is it something you should be eating or avoiding? Is it healthy or is it harmful? How much can you get away with eating, if any at all?


How Can Iodine Be Helpful For Your Thyroid?

We have discussed before the exact role that iodine plays in your overall health. But, the most important thing is ensuring that you’re getting it in the exact right amounts.


Does 5G Compromise Your Immune System?

The current global pandemic surrounding the novel coronavirus has encouraged a lot of thought about how we handle disease spread, the way cities function, and has generally changed almost every aspect of our day-to-day lives.


Is Ginger A Problem If You Have Thyroid Disease?

I recently got a really great question about the use of ginger for cooking, and what relationship ginger shares with your thyroid overall. If you were ever curious or concerned about whether or not you should be cooking with ginger, this discussion is for you.


An Exciting Update On Iodine Testing For Individuals

Have you ever been told that you need more iodine? Have you heard that it’s important, but you’re not quite sure why? The tricky thing about iodine is that it is so specific. Most of the time you may be getting far more than you could ever need.


Does Mold Cause Thyroid Problems?

Are you concerned about mold in your home? For today’s discussion, I want to key in on the link between mold, autoimmunity, and your thyroid. Let’s discuss what we know about mold, how it relates to your overall thyroid health, and some of the most safe and effective strategies to […]

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19 Reasons Your Thyroid Medication Isn’t Working

How is it possible that you could be on thyroid medication, and yet it just doesn’t seem to be working? Today, I want to share with you 19 potential reasons why your thyroid medications won’t work, and what you can do about it.


The Truth About Turmeric: In Your Diet, As A Supplement, And For Your Best Health

Today, let’s talk all about turmeric. Did you know there has been a lot of new data coming out about it?

Iodine: Do you need more or less?

Iodine brings with it a whole host of questions: How much iodine is safe per day? Should hypothyroid patients take iodine? What’s the role of iodine in pregnancy? And, why in the world is iodine controversial? The funny thing is that it’s not. Except for within natural medicine. In today’s […]