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Podcast – Top 3 Myths About Your Vagina with Dr. Aviva Romm

Have you ever considered using jade eggs for pelvic floor physical therapy? Does a vaginal steaming sound like an effective way to cleanse your reproductive organs? Too many women are struggling with symptoms that they don’t know what to do with, and with all of the noise from the internet and celebrity endorsements, it can be hard to separate medical truth from wishful thinking.

Causes of Hair Loss & How You Can Grow it Back

There’s no doubt about it: losing your hair is incredibly personal, and it can be devastating to your self-esteem. For our discussion today, I want to dive deep into the subject of hair loss, the causes of hair loss, and what you can do to help it get better.


A Brief History of Thyroid Disease and Natural Thyroid Medication

Today, I want to share with you a quick run-through of the history of thyroid disease and thyroid treatments. That’s because I think it’s always helpful to know why we have the various conundrums, debates, and conflicts we have in medicine.


Eating To Improve Your Magnesium Levels

Magnesium deficiency is a real problem. We’ve seen data from the NIH saying that 68% of Americans are deficient in magnesium. When we have numbers like these, it’s critical that we figure out ways to combat magnesium deficiency — especially through our diet.


What are the absolute best supplements to take for hypothyroidism?

Recently, I received an important question that inspired something of a deep dive. It went like this: “Hi, Dr. C., I’m desperate to lower my thyroid antibodies, lose weight, and feel better. What would be the ultimate list of supplements to help?”

TRD Resources

Thyroid Reset Diet Book Resources Doctors: Interested in seeing Dr. Christianson for a Thyroid Second Opinion? Click Here Interested in becoming a patient at Dr.C’s clinic Integrative Health in Scottsdale? Give us a call at 480-657-0003 Practitioner Training: American College of Thyroidology (Coming Soon!) Endocrine Association of Naturopathic Physicians Home […]
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Do Brazil Nuts Cause Hair Loss?

Can Brazil nuts cause you to lose your hair? The short answer? No. However, I recently read something suggesting exactly that. As with most things that contain a grain of truth, or misunderstanding of a concept (keep reading to see where this idea came from), it inspired me to put […]

Finding The Right Medical Team

Finding the Right Medical Team A common theme expressed by those with thyroid disease is a sense of frustration with their initial health care providers. Often symptoms go on for too long before thyroid disease is diagnosed. Even after diagnosis, treatments fail to alleviate many of the symptoms. In the […]

Cooking Whole Grains

Cooking Whole Grains If you are new to cooking whole grains, here is a primer with everything you need to know and some guides for each individual type. You can cook them in any quantity but they come out the best when you cook them in larger batches. There are […]

TLC Bonus

Hey welcome aboard! As promised, here’s some TLC to get you started. Please enjoy: 35 Natural Hormone Resets - Simple, science based, natural solutions you can use to reset your health, and your life. Reset Shake Recipe Guide - Delicious recipes to transform your breakfast shake into so much more. […]