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The Problem with Nutrient Panels

Wouldn’t it be great if all health problems could be solved by vitamins? I wish that were true. There are countless situations in which diet and lifestyle changes improve health. There are many situations where poor quality diets lead to health problems.

Benefits of L-Citrulline

L-Citrulline (Citrulline malate) is an amino acid that has been shown to improve energy levels, exercise capacity, blood sugar regulation, erectile function, cardiac health, and cancer risk. This article will explain its role in the human body and share evidence about its benefits.

The 5 Most Misleading Nutrient Tests

Thankfully more and more practitioners offer nutrient tests. Yet they can be tricky. Not all tests are helpful and not all results can be taken at face value. Here are five standard tests that can be highly misleading and how to better understand them.

Butyrate for Gut Health

Many have come to realize that a healthy body depends on a healthy gut. We now know that the intestinal flora regulates the immune system and has a role to play in every part of the body. In the early days of research on gut flora, it seemed that the […]

How to Treat Graves’ Disease Naturally

Graves disease can be scary. It often starts off with terrible symptoms like a racing heart and a sensation of panic. All too often people who have it go on for some time before getting answers. The core message I’d like to share is that Graves’ disease is treatable. Most […]

Top 7 Questions About Thyroid Antibodies

The awareness of thyroid disease is at an all time high. Most people who see functional medicine practitioners are given full screens for thyroid disease and many of them end up with positive antibodies. These people are often not sure what these antibodies mean to their thyroid function or general […]

What Causes Thyroid Nodules

Thyroid nodules are important because they are usually the first sign of thyroid cancer. Among all cancer types including breast, uterine, and colorectal, none are increasing as fast as thyroid cancer. The best thing you can do to lower your risk is to find out if you have thyroid nodules […]