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How to Reverse Thyroid Symptoms Naturally

For a long time, I have tried to help people feel better when they have had thyroid disease. That meant trying to figure out the best strategies and options for them.

Natural Thyroid Nodule Control: Safe Treatment Methods

Are you concerned about thyroid nodules? I have something that might be able to help. It’s part of our whole new line of Thyroid Specific Formulations. This one is called Nodule Control, and I want to tell you all about it.

Easy Iron: Best Way to Raise Your Iron Levels

Looking for an easier way to raise your iron levels? I’d love the chance to introduce you to one of our newest products: Easy Iron. But, I don’t think that can really start without a deep dive on the subject of iron, in general. A general understanding of how it […]

Metabolism Boost: Giving Weight Loss A Real Boost

Let’s be honest: Weight loss is hard. I totally understand that, and it has even been a personal struggle for me, too. That’s why I want to share a quick deep dive into one of my latest products: Metabolism Boost. We’ll discuss how this can be a metabolism booster for […]

Hyperthyroid Support: Tackling Hyperthyroid Symptoms With Ease

Do you feel like you could use some support when it comes to your hyperthyroid symptoms? In this piece, I want to offer a deep dive on the next addition to our new line of products and give you the hyperthyroidism supplements you need.

Thyrotonin for Better Sleep, No Matter Your Thyroid Symptoms

While I’m not always confident in my naming abilities, I think this one came out alright: It’s a combination of ‘thyroid’ and ‘melatonin.’ The reason they are combined is that this supplement can help not only your sleep patterns, but your thyroid, too.

Thyroid Daily: A Thyroid-Specific Multivitamin That Works

Recently, we’ve been rolling out an entirely new line of thyroid-specific supplements for people to enjoy. The one I want to profile today for you is called “Thyroid Daily,” and it is absolutely one of my favorites. Why? Let me explain…

Omega Pure: Natural Immune Support You Can Always Count On

I can’t think of many better micronutrients than Omega-3 fatty acids. The more research I read into their many, many immune support and health-boosting benefits, the more I’m blown away by everything they can do. I’m absolutely in favor of a diet that encourages Omega-3 intake through natural food sources […]

TSF Webinar Replay

Thyroid Specific Formulations Supplements Webinar Replays   Introducing Thyroid Specific Supplements Thyroid Specific Formulations are HERE! In this webinar Dr.C introduces his new line of Thyroid Specific supplements. Each product engineered to target specific thyroid symptoms. Shop our supplement line here!:  https://shop.thyroidspecificformulations.com/ Watch Now Thyroid Nodule Control In the second […]

The Perfect Blend: Thyroid Daily, Omega Pure, and Calcium Magnesium

When it comes to thyroid-specific formulations, it all comes down to ensuring you can have the right mix. That way, you’re not getting too much of one thing and not enough of another, everything is in sync and you’re getting exactly what you need.