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Woman checking her thyroid health

Can Diet Reverse Thyroid Disease?

For decades I’d wished that the answer was yes but I never saw any convincing evidence. I’m going to explain to you why I’ve changed my mind. Sure, I’d heard stories of a person here or there who felt that diet can reverse thyroid disease. Yet for any given diet, […]


Are There Real Dangers With Chronic Cardio?

How much exercise is too much? Is there even such a thing? Today, I want to help you reexamine the dangers of what some call ‘chronic cardio.’ This is a phrase coined by those who have concerns about the harm of aerobic exercises, but what do you need to know […]


The Hidden Truth About Exercise and Aging

Do you feel like your age is keeping you from being as healthy as you want? Today, I want to discuss a massive misunderstanding about exercise and aging. Although physical and health changes during middle age may alter your health, age is less of a limitation than you may think.

Easy Iron: Best Way to Raise Your Iron Levels

Looking for an easier way to raise your iron levels? I’d love the chance to introduce you to one of our newest products: Easy Iron. But, I don’t think that can really start without a deep dive on the subject of iron, in general. A general understanding of how it […]