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Here are some of the questions we went over and what I recommended:

General Questions

1I’ve been on the Adrenal Reset Diet for a couple of weeks, I’m sleeping better and have more energy, but I’m not losing weight. What can I do?
Adrenal Reset Shake
Adrenal Health Packs: Stressed, Crashed, Wired&Tired
Your Adrenal Reset Diet Quick Start Guide
Resistant Fiber
2My hair is falling out in clumps. I don’t dye it and I eat tons of healthy foods. Why is this happening and what do I do?
Integrative Health – Thyroid Doctors Trained By Dr. Christianson – www.integrativehealthcare.com/
Mary Shomon’s Website – Find A Thyroid Health Doctor Near You – www.thyroid-info.com/
Your Shake Recipe Book
3Is hypothyroidism reversible? If so, how?
Healing Hashimoto’s Book
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Thyroid Disease
Integrative Health – Thyroid Doctors Trained By Dr. Christianson – www.integrativehealthcare.com/
Mary Shomon’s Website – Find A Thyroid Health Doctor Near You – www.thyroid-info.com/
4I took the quiz on adrenalquiz.com and received a wired & tired score, but I feel more crashed. How do I know and what should I do?
Adrenal Health Packs: Stressed, Crashed, Wired&Tired
Adrenal Health Quiz: Adrenal Quiz
Adrenal Reset Diet Graphic
Adrenal Lab Tests: ih.mymedlab.com/
5I started on the Adrenal Reset Diet and was using a pea protein. I was bloated, gassy and not losing weight so I had my food allergies tested and it turns out I’m allergic to peas. What other protein sources do you recommend?
Your Shake Recipe Book
Avoid reactive allergies
Stool culture test with your physician (or Integrative Health Physician)
Integrative Health – Thyroid Doctors Trained By Dr. Christianson – www.integrativehealthcare.com/
Allergy Testing – ih.mymedlab.com/
6I am in the adrenal crashed category for over 2 years – cortisol tests revealed I am so flat lined until 4pm and by 3 am in the morning I am wide awake and must take Ambien for my sanity to sleep / need help.
Common Culprit – Not having a good cortisol rhythm; blood sugar drops off
Dial in your blood sugar at night; ½ serving of daily reset shake before bed
Ambien shortens life span and has rebound responses; it’s worse off when you first get off of it because of the rebound effect.
The Adrenal Reset Diet trains you to reset your sleep and cortisol rhythm.
Try Wake Therapy to retrain sleep rhythms over the course of a few nights. Start this over a long weekend.
Wake Therapy Instructions
7I’ve been under a lot of stress recently and noticed I started not sleeping as well and my appetite is off. I worked really hard to pull myself out of the “stressed” state and I don’t feel like I’m there yet, but close. What should I do?
Wake Therapy Handout
drchristianson.com/adrenal-quiz – See what level of adrenal health you are.
Use a Red Light Bulb 1 hour before bedtime: Amazon link
8My kids are going back to school Monday and I do NOT have time to get sick, nor do I want them sick! What can I do prevent illness from striking my family?
Daily Reset Pack – Boosts Immune System. I specially formatted it to include a high quality multivitamin, Calcium/Magnesium, vitamin d, and fish oil
Quality Sleep
Avoid Sugar
9Hi Dr C. I am a big fan of yours! Hope you can shed some light on how our physical and mental health are connected. Do our adrenals affect our mental health – does our mental health affect our adrenals? I have heard a lot about gut health and mental health, but not so much about how this is connected to our adrenals.
Eat well for good gut flora
Take quality probiotics
Meditation for beginners podcast
10Hi Dr. C! I’ve been on the Adrenal Reset Diet for 6 weeks now and have lost 42 pounds! THANK YOU! I switched to the Adrenal Reset shake in the morning, and it’s so much easier, I love it! I’m getting a little tired of the vanilla every morning though… will you have a chocolate one soon or what can I do to spruce up the shake?
Here is the NEW Chocolate Daily Reset Shake!
OR Adrenal Reset Shake
Add a couple pinches of sea salt
Add 1 tsp of cacao powder
Try a couple of drops of flavor extracts like: Lemon, orange, almond
Your Shake Recipe eBook
11Question: I am a 43 year old woman with Hashimoto’s and I have an MTHF mutation. Should I take iodine? How much selenium do I need? What about b-vitamins? Should I take fish oil or krill oil?
12Dr. C, I’ve been enjoying smoothies with greens for breakfast, but have been learning that many greens have oxalates. should I stop using these kinds of greens?
Blog on Oxalates
Blog on Goitrogens in your diet