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Podcast – Does Green Snot Deserve Antibiotics? with Susan Wilder

Podcast – Does Green Snot Deserve Antibiotics? with Susan Wilder

Description: Between the latest online fads and the crazy media headlines, it’s easier than ever to get confused about your health. If you want to make better decisions about your health today so you can feel better and live longer, you’ve come to the right place.


On this episode we’re looking at antibiotics, which are incredibly useful when fighting bacterial infections, but can be just as harmful to your body and your gut health if you’re taking them when you don’t need them. But what are the potentially harmful side effects of taking multiple rounds of antibiotics?  And how can you know when you should take them and when you are better off trying something else instead?  I’m joined by Dr. Susan Wilder, CEO of Lifescape Premier and founder of the Mayo Clinic Family Medicine Residency to discuss the importance of using antibiotics correctly in order to promote greater overall health.


If you’ve ever wondered if your green snot means you need antibiotics, if you really need to take a full 10 day dose of antibiotics, or whether a fever requires another round of antibiotics, Dr. Wilder has the answer for you on today’s podcast. She shares several experiences she has had treating patients with and without antibiotics, and offers clear parameters that you can follow to know you’re using antibiotics effectively. We’re also taking a look at infectious diseases, options for clearing up recurring bladder infections, and the value and responsibility that comes with vaccinations. You won’t want to miss her advice and the medical myths that are clearly busted on today’s episode.


Key Takeaways:

[1:10] Today’s topic is antibiotics — when they are necessary, when they are harmful, and how you can know the difference.

[2:54] Introducing Susan Wilder, family medicine practitioner who shares the dangers of damaging the microbiome by overconsuming antibiotics.

[4:48] High blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and pre-diabetes are just a few of the risks associated with overuse of antibiotics.

[6:42] How do people end up on an antibiotic that they never needed in the first place? Understanding the difference between bacterial and viral infections starts with looking at the duration and location of the infection.

[11:33] Medical myth-buster — all bacteria does not need to be eradicated from the body at all times.

[16:00] Can a full-body MRI give you the answers to health that you’re looking for?

[18:48] A fever can be an indicator for bacterial or viral infections depending on its severity.

[20:04] The benefits of influenza interventions such as Tamiflu and Fluza are not only for the person looking to avoid getting the flu.

[24:36] The facts about the benefits of vaccines that cannot be ignored because of fear, faith, or anger. Dr. Wilder offers advice for effectively fact checking any information you come across regarding vaccines.

[31:35] Can antibiotics cure urinary tract infections? Steps you can take to support your immune system and clear your bacterial infections without turning to antibiotics.

[33:48] Best practices to mitigate any antibiotic harm include using the correct antibiotic at the correct dose and completing the full round of antibiotics.

[36:23] The benefit of using probiotics in conjunction with antibiotics and for overall gut health.

[40:40] Dr. Wilder’s program for effectively prepare for surgery and recovery.

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“When we consume antibiotics we’re nuking some really important cohabitants of our body. We just can’t survive without a healthy microbiome.” — Susan Wilder


“Repeated courses of antibiotics can permanently impair your microbiome.”  — Susan Wilder


“There are times when bacteria colonization is not harmful to your body.”  — Susan Wilder


“The decisions we’re making in the case of managing infections are not personal decisions.”  — Dr. Christianson