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October 13, 2016
Hormone Balancing Tip #2: Unlimited Foods
October 14, 2016

Hormone Balancing Tip # 1: Use food to reset your adrenals

When you are eating healthy foods and your weight is stuck, you probably have a hormone imbalance. Thyroid and adrenal imbalances tend to be the biggest culprits. Did you know that you can use food to reset your adrenals to help you lose weight faster and balance your hormones?

Follow this simple rule:

  • Protein

  • Veggies

  • Carbs (yes, they are good for you)

  • And healthy fats…..EVERY MEAL

Breakfast: Shake (Make sure your protein shake has fat, 1/4 cup carbs and some greens). Get my Daily Reset Shake HERE

Lunch: Salad (Make sure your salad has 1/2 cup carbs)

Dinner: Stir-fry (Make sure your stir-fry has 3/4 cup of good carbs and LOTS of greens)

Snacks: Carrot fries, zucchini noodles, sautéed baby bok choy, salads….

If you need more ideas, CLICK HERE – 67 Dr. C’S Favorite Recipes