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August 10, 2016
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August 18, 2016

Why No Dairy, Eggs, Soy, or Gluten?

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How can foods like eggs slow down your adrenals? They don’t for everyone, but if you’re not at your best, here is why foods like this can be the culprit.

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Binding Proteins

Eggs, wheat and dairy each contain unique binding proteins. Eggs have a protein called albumin. Wheat has gluten. Dairy has casein. These proteins are sticky and when you put them together, they’re like a batter. They hold on like glue inside your body and are not always completely digested. The undigested parts of these proteins can be bad for you, however, you won’t always notice their harmful effects the same day you eat them.

We have a limiting idea about bad foods, believing they’ll kill you by swallowing them! Tragically, this does happen in the case of severe food allergies (like with peanuts or shellfish). Apart from severe allergies, there are many different ways a food may not be a great fit for you. Your immune system may not embrace certain foods, causing your body to shift into a state of unrest and into more of a storage mode.

Don’t let anything hold you back!

There are ways you can check to see which foods are your biggest culprits; however, I’ve seen many labs that aren’t consistent, so the testing isn’t perfected.

I encourage you to avoid these foods for at least a month so nothing is holding you back from achieving your weight loss and health goals. Even if you’ve eaten eggs every day for years and have seen no obvious, short-term effects, they can still be part of what is holding you back from reaching your goals. They could be a cause of what is making your weight loss harder or making you feel more run down, even if it didn’t seem like it while eating them.

So, give it a shot! Let’s see what positive changes result from avoiding dairy, eggs, gluten and soy. Let’s eliminate any barriers between you and the health of your dreams!

There are two labs I’m confident in, Meridian Valley Labs and US Biotek Labs.

If you have not been tested, it’s best to avoid these foods for a month to test and see if they are affecting you in some way. It’s not always clear if they’re affecting you or not in the short term.

Being off of them for a lengthy amount of time can help you achieve the health you want. You can see your weight come back around and your energy levels rise! Afterward, you’re welcome to test and evaluate what is important to you.

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