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Podcast – Sleeping Smarter and Better with Shawn Stevenson

Podcast – Sleeping Smarter and Better with Shawn Stevenson

Description: Between the latest online fads and the crazy media headlines, it’s easier than ever to get confused about your health. If you want to make better decisions about your health today so you can feel better and live longer, you’ve come to the right place.

Sleep has been a huge thing in medical research and also one of the top concerns of the audience for quite some time. Did you know that your sleep quality depends on your nutrition? Shawn Stevenson joins us in understanding how our food choices play a huge role in our sleeping habits.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How it all started (1:20)
  • Sleep misconceptions (5:25)
  • Melatonin and how it works (6:00)
  • Serotonin and how it works (7:49)
  • Immunity and Sleep Deprivation (8:50)
  • Circadian Rhythms and Biological Clock in the modern times (10:40)
  • Microbiome and protecting your microbes (11:30)
  • Haphazard use of Antibiotics (13:25)
  • Microbes and the calories in the body (15:40)
  • Is your water clean? (17:26)
  • Hows or whys of sleep mechanism (18:45)
  • Tryptophan and how it affects your REM Sleep (Rapid-Eye Movement) (21:10)
  • Alcohol and how it impairs your REM sleep (21:57)
  • Sources of Tryptophan (24:00)
  • Benefits and sources of Glycine and Vitamin C (25:00)
  • Benefits and effects of Magnesium (27:15)
  • Other foods and nutrients that improve benefits sleep quality (30:38)
  • Relevance of Protein on metabolism and body composition (34:51)
  • Understanding Hunger and Satiety (42:16)
  • Eat Smarter and Wellness Campaign (48:00)

Shawn Stevenson is the author of the international bestselling book Sleep Smarter. He is the creator of the number #1 health podcast in the U.S., The Model Health Show, which has millions of listener downloads each year! He studied Business, Biology, and Nutritional Science and graduated from the University of Missouri–St. Louis. Shawn is also the founder of Advanced Integrative Health Alliance, a company that provides wellness services for individuals and organizations worldwide. He has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, The New York Times, Muscle & Fitness, ABC News, ESPN, and many other major media outlets.

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