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August 23, 2017
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August 25, 2017

What You Eat Or When You Eat?

A brand new study shows that in some situations, when you’re eating may be more relevant than what you are eat or even how much you eat.

An animal study scientist showed, that timing the food affected the daily circadian cycles. Food timing also had as much of an effect upon markers of aging as caloric restriction did.

Animals that were fed during the wrong times of day remained active at night and had signs of sleep deprivation.

This study confirmed the effect that meal timing can have upon resetting circadian cycles of cortisol, energy production, sleep, and weight loss.

These ideas were amongst those that I drew on when having the vision behind the adrenal reset diet study.

In it, I proved that eating healthy carbohydrates in the evening, and having less of them in the morning could improve cortisol metabolism and lead to weight loss, sleep improvements, energy improvements and in just a few weeks.

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Dr. C

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