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April 13, 2017
grave's disease
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April 13, 2017

What To Do About Fear & Anxiety From Grave’s Disease

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Today I want to talk to you about what you should do when it comes to fear and anxiety from Grave’s disease. The first thing that we need to know is that we have to treat Grave’s disease. That we have to manage it and we have to reverse it.

The process of treatment, though, simply takes time to clear out those extra thyroid hormones. During that time, we need to manage those acute anxiety symptoms effectively. There are natural options and then there are prescription medications. Medications come with baggage, but we will still make note of them.

Benzylpiperazine (BZP), like xanax or ativan, which may help ease anxiety, but have rebound effects where you feel anxious again the moment they wear off. They can be habit forming and they can also cause brain damage. So, the short-term relief can often result in long-term damage that we want to avoid.

Beta blockers are also used, because they can slowly stabilize the heart rate and lessen the common symptoms of Grave’s disease. The problem is that they can leave you feeling fatigued. Which is an unfortunate trade-off when we are trying to feel our absolute best.

In terms of natural options, there are many! The first one is really avoiding caffeine altogether. Even if it wouldn’t affect you by itself, caffeine (and other stimulants) is going to be so much harder on your body when you are in a Grave’s state.

Another natural option is breath therapy, which has been proven to be very powerful. There is actually a simple technique called delayed progressive respiration. This is where we simply breath in and out. Using a clock or a digital timer, allow for more time in between the breaths. Start with 4 seconds each, about a half dozen, and then move on up!  

The last great natural option is supplements:

  • Magnesium – you lose it faster with Grave’s disease. So, you need it more when you have Grave’s disease.
  • Calcium – calcium acts as a gentle sedative. Which means that it is calming and can help treat those symptoms that come from fear and anxiety.
  • Valerian – a plant option which has been shown to be as useful as medications. Some prefer it during the day, others at night. But, it has been shown to help manage anxiety effectively. Without forming any habits, which is great news.

These are just some common techniques and other things that you can pursue when you are trying to mitigate the fear and anxiety that can be caused by Grave’s disease. As I mentioned, it takes time, but you are well on your way to fully reversing the disease. Your progress is important and it’s just as important that you feel good along the way.

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