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What is the best vitamin D level for your thyroid?

vitamin d

Hi Dr. C, I just read a newsletter saying that my vitamin D levels should be above 60 to help heal my thyroid. Do I need this much?

– Irene, Tallahassee, Florida

Hi Irene,

Great question. I do encourage Vitamin D testing and supplementing with Vitamin D3 to reach a blood level of 35-50 ng/mL.

Most studies do show that low levels may be a risk factor for developing autoimmune thyroid disease, although many do show no association. There is no clear link between vitamin D levels and thyroid cancer.

As to whether vitamin D helps those who already do have thyroid disease, the latest review showed that it may lower anti-thyroglobulin levels by about 30% for 3-6 months.

All the studies I found compared those who were vitamin D deficient against those who were not. Based on the study, deficient was defined as under 18-30 ng/mL.

No studies showed improved effects for those who were higher than 50 ng/mL.

The drawback with targeting blood levels over 60 ng/mL is that vitamin D is less protective against early mortality when it’s this high.

You want to avoid a deficiency so that your thyroid will heal, but you don’t want to compromise your health in other ways over the long-term from doing so.

Here is a paper I wrote recently about the vitamin D paradox. Too little is bad but too much is also bad.

The Daily Reset Pack has 5000 IU of D3 included. If you do not reach 35-50 ng/mL within 3 months of taking it, consider that you have a dietary calcium deficiency or digestive issues leading to malabsorption. There is also evidence that environmental toxicants can trigger low levels.

To your health,
Dr. C