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Great job on taking care of yourself!

The art of ‘Thriving’ can be a delicate balance.

Understanding your adrenal function is just as important for you as others who might not be feeling so great. I highlight the basic concepts of adrenal function and how they can keep you on track in this video.

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The Daily Reset Pack

Are you feeling well, full of energy, and eager to stay that way? The Daily Reset Pack will allow you to maintain your healthy immune function, steady control of your energy and ability to relax even when life throws curve balls at you.

How many bottles of pills do you open and close every day? How long does it take you to pack pills before your trip? Are your vitamins helping or hurting your thyroid?

I’ve made an easy pack for you that includes:

  • antioxidants
  • calcium that won’t clog your arteries
  • extra magnesium for your heart
  • vitamin K2 to help your bones
  • 10,000 IU of D3
  • selenium glycinate for your thyroid
  • a full dose of essential fats
  • mercury free fish oil
  • all the trace minerals including molybdenum and vanadium
  • methylated B-vitamins like methylfolate and methylcobalamin B12
  • biotin for your hair
  • hesparadin for healthy veins
  • and choline for your memory

I’ve left out iodine since supplementing with it blocks your thyroid and I’ve left out iron so it is safe for menopausal women and men.


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