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April 12, 2017
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8 Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Grave’s Disease
April 13, 2017

The 4 Biggest Concerns With Grave’s Disease You NEED To Know

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Seeking treatment for Grave’s disease is so important, because it is a big deal when it comes to your health. Thankfully, treatment options are available, and they can help treat and reverse the risk factors and nasty side effects of having Grave’s disease.

But what if you go untreated? There are those who have had treatment that is not effective, or that can be dangerous, and some have even avoided getting treatment altogether. I want to talk about why that really is not a viable option and the major risks you open yourself up to when you go down any of these paths.

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4 biggest concerns you need to know about when it comes to Grave’s disease

1. Cardiovascular Risk

When we think about Grave’s disease and cardiac risk, we need to think about in three unique facets: heart attacks, congestive heart failure and stroke.

Grave’s disease creates a high signal on the heart, which makes it more likely to go into spasms. Specifically, it can create a clot in the coronary artery, blocking the vessels which supply blood to the heart.

The heart itself, also, after years of being overworked can become enlarged and subsequently weaker. When your heart loses the ability to generate the force to circulate blood all around your body, it can cause congestive heart failure.

Along the same lines as the previously mentioned heart attack, you can also suffer from a stroke as a result of Graves’ disease. This is caused by an erratic heart rate, which can cause trauma to the blood cells being moved by your heart. When that happens, it can form a clot which can go into your brain and eventually may cause a stroke.

2. Eye Damage

There is a unique condition known as Grave’s eye disease, which is where the autoimmune system attacking your thyroid is also actively attacking structures in your eye. This can eventually cause the eyes to enlarge, which you may have seen before.

Twenty percent of people with Grave’s disease can be affected by this eye disease and it actually does not benefit from more conventional therapies. The problem with this disease is that not only is it unsightly, but it can also causes vision changes and damage to the retinal tissue.

grave's disease

3. Hip Fracture

The other problem that helps us understand the severity of Grave’s disease surrounds bone health. With Grave’s, the rate of metabolism is moving faster, so that the rate of bone growth becomes slower than the rate of bone breakdown. That combination means that, over time, the bones start to thin.

It can also affect balance, stability and the loss of muscle tissue. In many cases, it is this lean muscle mass which actually protects us when we do slip or fall. Those factors together mean that those with Grave’s are at a greater risk of hip fracture.

4. Thyroid Storm

The last serious concern for those with Grave’s disease, and perhaps the most serious, is thyroid storm. Basically, we can think of this as Grave’s disease times one hundred – it is a more amped up version of this disease.

A thyroid storm can come out of nowhere, and it can be fatal in an acute way. It is the most immediate short-term danger for those with Grave’s disease, and can require hospitalization and medical management right away.

Overall, these risks definitely do not have to happen. As serious as they are, there are treatments that we can use to help reverse all of these concerns. Long-term thyroid health is only a treatment program away, so that you can rest easy knowing that these risks will not have to apply to you.

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