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January 7, 2015
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The 3 Things You Absolutely Need To Get Fit This Year

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The New Year brings new opportunities to become your best self. You are ready to reclaim your energy, your vitality, and to fit into your favorite pair of jeans without starving yourself to get there. The road to a fit new body is different for every person. Some people will makeover their food choices, some will add more exercise to their weekly routine, others may try meditation and mindful eating. No matter how you approach your health, there are three things every person needs for success: commitment, courage, and connection.


Commitment to your health goals is the number one ingredient for success. It is easiest to stay committed when you have strong reasons motivating you. You have to get in touch with deeply personal and meaningful goals, and then find ways to remind yourself daily of these goals. Accountability is another key to staying committed. Yes, we are accountable to ourselves, but we are more likely to stay committed if we are accountable to someone we trust.

Increase your commitment with these three easy steps:

  • Make a list or collage of your reasons for getting healthy and look at it every morning.
  • Get support from an accountability partner, whether it is your doctor, coach, or friend.
  • Give yourself a regular accountability action like a weekly weigh in, a pedometer, or daily energy or blood pressure scorecard.
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Change is hard, especially when it requires us to confront emotions or situations that keep us stuck. If change were easy, we would all be doing it without a second thought. In reality, though, it takes courage. Sometimes we have to ask ourselves the hard questions. How did we get here? What keeps us from living our best life? What needs to happen for us to be able to achieve the things we desire? When we answer these questions, we can draw on our courage to let go of what’s holding us back. Maybe you carry excess weight as a form of creating personal boundaries? How can you draw on your courage to create healthy boundaries without the physical weight? It might mean making an investment in high-quality foods or setting time aside to take care of yourself. Being able to ask yourself the hard questions, and then using your courage to find solutions is another key ingredient to a healthy new you.

Increase your courage with these three steps:

  • Find inspirational stories of people who have succeeded to help you draw deep on your own courage.
  • Make the time to give yourself a 30-second pep talk every morning that includes self-love and acceptance for exactly where you are in your journey.
  • Keep a journal where you can explore the obstacles that keep you stuck, and brainstorm solutions for positive change.


Change is much harder when we take it on alone. Connection and support from others are essential for success. When we feel understood, supported, and encouraged, we are far more likely to keep persevering towards our goals. Talk to your friends and family when you need encouragement and inspiration. Asking your doctor for support is another key ingredient to success. We are trained to identify underlying causes and imbalances that may be holding you back from feeling your best and reaching your ideal weight. Personally, after having majored in nutrition, I have studied many diets. Some are overly complicated, some are not healthy at all, and some are just plain mean. To support my patients, I tell them about the Adrenal Reset Diet.

Increase your support with these three tips:

  • Ask your support network what has worked or not worked for them?
  • Consult with a doctor at Integrative Health to determine the best road to your healthy weight.
  • Learn more about the Adrenal Reset Diet.

Remember, each journey towards help is unique but we all need similar things like commitment, courage, and connection in order to get there. Be gentle with yourself along the way, and never stop reaching for your best self.

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