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August 22, 2016
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August 25, 2016

Superfoods, Supplements and Stress


When is the last time you really felt great? I am always bringing my community the best info to feel strong, healthy and happy, every day.  Many of our common ailments can be improved with what we eat and how we live.  My colleague, Dr. Tony Rum has created an educational program called Superfoods, Supplements and Stress

This is a very cool program that will educate and inspire you with monthly

  • Superfoods and how they heal from the inside out
  • Recipes to make your meals healthy & delicious
  • Stress-Busting, Calming, Meditative Techniques and MP3s to use on the go

And the program is designed to approach your body one system at a time.

      • Focus on Energy!
      • Superfoods to Support Weight Loss!
      • Circulation, the KEY to all health!
      • Stress and the Brain… plus … NATURAL Detox, Figuring out Gut Health, Anti-Aging and more!



Click here to learn more. www.DoctorMembership.com

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