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October 4, 2017
Why am I still hungry?
October 4, 2017

Sunscreen for your brain?

There is a growing link between hearing loss and brain aging. It seems that age-related Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are both associated with hearing loss in ways that go beyond just correlation.

One of the most controllable ways you can reduce the risk of hearing loss is to be careful about headphone use.

It used to be that headphone use was rare. Over the last decade, it became common and headphones became replaced with earbuds. The most common styles of earbuds leave space so that you can still hear sounds from around you.

The downside is that this requires you to raise the earbud volume to levels much higher than you would from headphones or from tighter fitting earbuds.

It is worth going out of your way to find noise canceling earphones to allow you to hear at a lower volume. I’ve read research from the company behind Etymotic products as good options.

Better earbuds allow volume limits and seal against outside sounds. Not only do these keep you from needing as much volume to hear your own sound, they can block out unwanted noise pollution.

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