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April 13, 2020
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Podcast – Top COVID-19 Myths with Dr. Susan Wilder

susan wilder covid 19 myths

Podcast – Top COVID-19 Myths with Dr. Susan Wilder

Description: Between the latest online fads and the crazy media headlines, it’s easier than ever to get confused about your health. If you want to make better decisions about your health today so you can feel better and live longer, you’ve come to the right place.


We all still have so many unanswered questions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. The information we’re given today can contradict the messages we were told yesterday, and it feels harder than ever to know which voices to listen to.


I had the opportunity to talk to Dr. Susan Wilder about some of the biggest myths surrounding this coronavirus. Previously a physician for the AirForce, Dr. Wilder has been active with the Arizona government and is currently working as a first-line private practice physician during this pandemic. She shares her perspective on the COVID-19 crisis from the medical community and has answers to your questions, including the effectiveness of face masks and a realistic timeline for an approved vaccine. We also discuss what life might look like when the peak of this coronavirus pandemic is behind us, and Dr. Wilder recommends ways that you can keep yourself mentally and physically safe during these uncertain times.


Key Takeaways:

[1:08] Today’s topic is COVID-19 and the latest information about your biggest questions.

[2:10] Dr. Wilder shares insights into the COVID-19 pandemic and the opportunities that are being presented to humanity as a result of the many ways it has changed our world.

[5:52] Misconceptions surrounding the coronavirus and the truth and danger of the exponential progression of a virus.

[8:28] Understanding the difference between being asymptomatic and presymptomatic with a virus.

[10:37] How does COVID-19 affect your health after you’ve recovered from it?  The first step is understanding the comprehensive health of patients prior to infection.

[14:55] One of the greatest practices for preventative care is getting yourself into optimal health — there are no excuses for not eating well and exercising right during this season of social distancing and self-isolation.

[18:47] What is the next wave of this virus going to look like? A comparison of COVID-19 to the Spanish Influenza of 1918 illustrates the need to approach this virus with a marathon mentality.

[21:26] What is the likelihood of gaining herd immunity to this coronavirus versus developing an effective vaccine to it?

[24:41] The dangers of long-term social distancing extend beyond compromised mental health to presenting the potential for increased exposure to the virus later on.

[26:23] Dr. Wilder shares some of the facts that people are most surprised to hear regarding healthcare during a pandemic — including the truth about face masks and why hospitalized patients are not going to receive the kind of care they might expect during a hospital stay.

[30:22] Top tips for staying sane and managing your health during these unprecedented times, and ideas for looking forward to better days.

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“Unlike SARS, this virus is a lot more stealth and able to be spread very widely undetected.” — Dr. Susan Wilder


“COVID-19 is giving us a golden opportunity to really get our health in gear.”  — Dr. Susan Wilder


“We all need to really hunker down for the next four to five weeks to really flatten the curve.”  — Dr. Susan Wilder


“COVID-19 is not going to go away in eight months like SARS did. It’s going to be around for a few years until herd immunity or an effective vaccine is employed.” — Dr. Susan Wilder