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Podcast – Top 3 Myths About Your Vagina with Dr. Aviva Romm

Podcast – Top 3 Myths About Your Vagina with Dr. Aviva Romm

Description: Between the latest online fads and the crazy media headlines, it’s easier than ever to get confused about your health. If you want to make better decisions about your health today so you can feel better and live longer, you’ve come to the right place.

Have you ever considered using jade eggs for pelvic floor physical therapy? Does a vaginal steaming sound like an effective way to cleanse your reproductive organs? Too many women are struggling with symptoms that they don’t know what to do with, and with all of the noise from the internet and celebrity endorsements, it can be hard to separate medical truth from wishful thinking.

Today I’m joined by a fellow myth-buster to take a good look at some of the most popular women’s health myths, from seed cycling and placenta capsules to jade eggs and vaginal steaming. Dr. Aviva Romm, MD, is a midwife-herbalist, Yale-trained medical doctor and author with over thirty years of experience, and her knowledgeable approach to both holistic and traditional medicine will enable you to make sensible decisions about your health with confidence.
Key Takeaways:

[1:10] Today’s topic is women’s health and the myths that need to be busted.

[2:09] Dr. C introduces Dr. Aviva Romm, who dives right down there to uncover the unhelpful myths that too many women believe about their hormones and cycles.

[6:10] A look at endometriosis, incorrect opioid usage, and the loop phenomenon in women’s health.

[8:38] Dr. C’s epiphany about the interaction and inaccuracies between natural health and conventional health that continue to drive his work forward.

[12:09] The role that vaginal eggs and transvaginal mesh really play in pelvic floor physical therapy.

[19:45] Understanding vaginal steaming and why you’re better off avoiding it altogether.

[24:25] Can seed cycling actually enhance or block estrogen and progesterone production in your body every month? Dr. A. offers an overview of the effectiveness of this popular practice.

[31:10] Ideas for including seeds in your diet in palatable and natural ways.

[34:17] Do plant hormones have a decreased effect on receptors after a few cycles? Do gastrointestinal effects become more persistent after a few cycles?

[36:40] Dr. A’s basic and doable dietary and lifestyle recommendations will have a greater impact on your health than any experimental fads.

[37:18] Nutrient testing and an attempt to understand the scientific findings that are too often adding to our confusion.

[42:40] Ingesting placenta after giving birth is actually a myth that needs to be busted, and Dr. A explains why.

[49:22] Weeding through studies and findings to uncover the truth isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time, but for Dr. C and Dr. A, it’s some of the most rewarding work they do.

[54:22] Dr. A shares her journey through natural medicine and the experiences that have brought her full circle to appreciate and understand experts from both sides.

[1:00:10] Myth-busting the widely-believed information about the safety and effectiveness of contraceptives, specifically the pill.

[1:06:30] Additional facts and myths about the pill and the effect that hormones have on women’s cycles.

[1:14:08] The pairing affect and effect bias and how each influences our recognition and reaction to significant health events.

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“Too many women are struggling with symptoms that they don’t know what to do with and that the medical model can’t give a meaningful solution for.” — Dr. Aviva Romm


“Just because it’s a traditional practice doesn’t mean it’s effective or safe.” — Dr. Aviva Romm


“Too many practices that have just a kernel of truth in them have been turned into a romantic, magical thinking idea.” — Dr. Aviva Romm


“It’s so important that we have accurate information and honest conversations about what we really do, and really don’t know.” — Dr. Aviva Romm


“It’s easier than ever to get information, but it’s harder than ever to get perspective.” — Dr. Christianson