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Podcast – Is It Worth It To Test Your Genes? with Dr. Ben Lynch

Dr Ben lynch is it worth it to test your genes
Dr Ben Lynch Is It Worth It to Test Your Genes
Dr Ben Lynch is it worth it to test your genes

Podcast – Is It Worth It To Test Your Genes? with Dr. Ben Lynch

Description: Between the latest online fads and the crazy media headlines, it’s easier than ever to get confused about your health. If you want to make better decisions about your health today so you can feel better and live longer, you’ve come to the right place.


Genetic testing is all the rage these days, but is it necessary? Is the information accurate or clinically relevant? Does it result in medical action that is unnecessary? Dr. Ben Lynch is a leader in the world of nutrigenomics and he has joined me today to shed some light on the topic. As the founder of Seeking Health and the author of Dirty Genes, Dr. Lynch has extensive experience, knowledge, and answers about the value and importance of the information you can gain from genetic testing.


We dive right into the misconceptions about genetic testing which too often leads people to make poorer health choices than they might have without the testing. You will quickly learn from this conversation that the best approach to a long and healthy life is combining your genetic testing results with common-sense action. I understand that there are so many ways that you can feel frightened, overwhelmed, or hopeless in your journey to health, but genetic testing does not have to contribute to those negative feelings. Whether you’ve considered genetic testing but are feeling hesitant or you have already done the testing and don’t know which step to take next, you’ll want to listen to my conversation with Dr. Lynch.


Key Takeaways:

[1:10] Today’s podcast covers everything you need to know about genetic testing and the true impact your genes have on your overall health.

[2:14] Dr. C shares his experience with the accuracy of traits testing along with genetic testing.

[6:28] The top takeaway points that consumers still get wrong when factoring genes into overall health include thinking your genes are ‘broken’ and trying to take supplements to correct for genetic variations.

[8:38] Dr. Lynch shares the knowledge he gained, the experiences he had, and the actions he took following his own genetic testing.

[13:29] Understanding the difference between gene status and gene expression — and how each one affects your overall health.

[15:30] The accuracy of consumer-directed genetic testing and the potential negative effects of inaccurately or incompletely reporting BRCA mutations to consumers.

[20:45] Functional and relevant variances in SNPs that should be reported have been built into the genetic testing offered by Dr. Lynch and offer increased insights into findings.

[26:50] Dr. Lynch’s experience with testing positive for an MTHFR variant, taking a methylfolate  supplement to attempt to correct it, and ending up with worse symptoms than he ever had before.

[31:45] Common recommendations that come after identifying a mutated gene that often have a negative effect on overall health.

[36:05] Dr. C recommends the Dirty Genes book as a way to get a better sense of your actual gene expression as well as recommendations that are not based on counterproductive unknowns.

[37:20] What are the lifestyle steps that people should take as a result of genetic testing? Dr. Lynch recommends discontinuing the use all supplements to get a baseline measure of your true health and the importance of breathing through your nose.

[44:38] Dr. C dives even deeper into the benefits of controlling osmoreceptors via nostril breathing.

[48:36] The value of educating yourself on how your body functions and the lifestyle changes that will benefit you the most prior to doing genetic testing.

[51:07] Examples of how responding to variances in context can provide advantages to your overall health, and a clear definition of which genes you actually have control over based on your lifestyle choices.

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“Please don’t be fearful — please don’t think that your genes are your destiny, and do know that your lifestyle is what matters most.” — Dr. Alan Christianson


“Just because you have perfect genetics doesn’t mean you are a perfect specimen, and the opposite is also true.” — Dr. Ben Lynch


“I equate genetic testing to having another tool in your tool shed, and that’s it.” — Dr. Ben Lynch


“If you feel scared of doing genetic testing, just don’t do it until you feel that it will empower you.” — Dr. Ben Lynch