May 23, 2017
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The Ultimate Guide to Food Intolerances and Testing
May 25, 2017

Off The Grid

off the grid

I just got back from my personal quarterly retreat. This is one of the most helpful habits I’ve ever found even though I’ve not been perfectly consistent with it. Over the years it’s evolved into something pretty minimalist. In the earliest versions, I’d travel across the country and work with a group under a leader. Then I changed to a group, then a local group, then just me in a cabin with lots of dry erase boards and giant notebooks on easels.

I found that I was spending more time in the woods so now I don’t even bother with the cabin. I just backpack solo off into the wilderness with my favorite notebook (Moleskin extra large squared lines).

The insights that you get when you completely disconnect can change your life like none other.  Also, they just do not happen any other way.

Please set a rhythm of taking time away from everything on a regular basis. Those who observe a Sabbath get benefit from it. Others take holidays from electronics. Find someway this cycle will work for you and let me know what you think of it.

To your health,

Dr. C

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