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December 4, 2017
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December 6, 2017

Note from Dr. C


Hey There!

Dr. C here. It is official, Kirin and I have a third-generation author in our family. Our son, Ryan, just published his first book. His goal was to have one finished before he turned 14 and he just made it!

I’m so proud of him. By his own choosing, he gave up much of last summer to focus on it. Each day he set a goal of 2000 words and did not stop writing until he hit it. Most days he had momentum in the story and went well past the target.

Some of the most important things we ever do in life are things that we could just as well put off to another day. As we know, another day usually means never.

If you enjoy sci-fi or even if you would just like to encourage young authors, please pick up a copy of Vanguard Saga on Amazon.

We published both print and kindle versions. He and I would be eternally grateful for a review.

In other book news, when you read this, I will be on a retreat with the purpose of completing my next manuscript.

Several of you acted as my advisors recently and gave me some brilliant insights on title ideas. It was silly that I didn’t just think to ask you sooner.

So what is the next book about?

Have you ever suspected that dieting for weight loss is a losing proposition? If you are like me, you have spent way too much of your life trying to reduce or choose foods on a daily basis with hopes of changing the numbers on the scale.

I’m excited to share with you a whole new message about how to stop dieting, get thinner, look better, be healthier and forget about your weight!

More to come soon.

To your best health,
Dr. C