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January 30, 2017
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Top 6 Foods You May Not Be Eating That Can Help Autoimmunity
February 3, 2017

Note From Dr.C

Hey there, Dr. C here.

Thank you so much for the time you took in the ‘How Can I Help You in 2017’ Survey. Thousands of you gave me a clear sense on your top concerns and goals.

I read every single response myself and they all meant a lot to me.

You’ve given me clear messages about the topics that are important to you and I’ve written the year’s editorial calendar off of your requests.

You’ve also inspired me to refine our communication to make if more helpful and more predictable. I’m also moving away from emails that are just promotional. I don’t like receiving them either and they don’t fit who I am as a person.

Here’s what you can expect starting February 6th:

Tuesday Morning Article

I’ll cover topics based off of your requests.

Each will include:

  • Easy action steps
  • Summaries
  • Video synopsis
  • Details and references for those who like to go deep

Thursday – ‘A Few of My favorite things’

This email will include some combination of:

  • Note from Dr. C
  • Books I love
  • Current favorite foods
  • Health gadgets
  • Upcoming events and travel
  • Random fun

Saturday Morning Article and Recipe

I usually take more time to read on the weekends. We usually also do some batch cooking for the week.

Each Saturday morning I’ll give you a  deep dive in an area of your interest. You’ll get this formatted with the same ease of use features that you’ll find in Tuesday’s.  

You’ll also get a great new recipe. As always, I’ll be sure it tastes amazing, is easy to make, and gives some good love to your thyroid, your adrenals, and your blood sugar.

Many of them will also be suitable for weekend batch cooking. That way, you can make it once for a meal or you can make it once and have a bunch for the week.

Ta da!

Please check out the first few mailings and free to drop me a note and let me know what you think (


To your 2017,



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