Note From Dr.C
September 26, 2016
Sleep And Weight
September 29, 2016

Note From Dr.C

Hi There,

Dr. C here. This is a big year for me, I’ve now been practicing medicine for 20 years and I’d love to celebrate with you and thank you for being the main part of it.

Your presence is sincerely requested for Wednesday, October 5th from 3-7 PM. I will hold a celebration event and I’d like you to come!

It is going to be a blast! You can win prizes, hear from the docs, and vote on your favorite shake recipe. Your vote may decide the future. We have five teams made up of our staff (doctors, front office, medical assistants, back office, and admin,) and each team has made a few shakes. I’m supposed to be neutral, but the doctor’s team is in it to win it. Don’t tell the staff I told you.

You’ll be the real winner because you’ll get a recipe book to take home that has all the top recipes. You’ll already know which are your favorites and you’ll be able to make them at home anytime.

Along with the fun of the shakes, our doctors will be speaking and answering your questions. I’ll talk for a bit also and talk about my last 20 years and what I see for us all in the next 20. We are also going to have raffles every hour for tons of gifts like IV’s, shakes, and lots of other goodies.





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