Note From Dr.C
August 7, 2016
Update – Eating For Serotonin
August 10, 2016

Note From Dr.C


Hope you’re having a great fall. Back to school season can be a busy time, we’re no exception.

My wife and I are gearing up to send our son to 7th grade and our daughter to a Yoga retreat.

Being an adoptee, I’m lucky enough to have more parents than most. My birth mother passed away some years ago but my birth father is a leading scholar and author in the field of Ayurvedic Medicine, Yoga, and other facets of Vedic wisdom.

His wife, Yogini Shambhavi, will be hosting a retreat and my daughter will be a guest at the event. We’ll be sending her to see her ‘Grandma Shambhavi’ in just a few days. I’m sure she will learn much and grow from the experience.

September will also be a busy month, I’ll be doing a bit of speaking. I’ll be honored to share the stage with both Brendon Burchard and David Wolfe. Stay tuned for details and please come say hi in person!





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