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August 7, 2016
Note From Dr.C
August 10, 2016

Note From Dr.C

I just came back from a medical conference and realized how far natural medicine has come in the last few decades. In fact, the most recent Nobel Prize was awarded to a researcher who showed that an herbal extract may be the key to resolving some of the globe’s worst infectious diseases.

Artemisinin is an extract from wormwood. A plant that European herbalists have been recommending for hundreds of years.

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The World Health Organization realized that conventional medicine is running out of options for infectious diseases. There are now bacteria that are resistant to ALL antibiotics and there are no new antibiotics in production that can help.

As we speak, Naturopathic colleagues of mine in the newly formed World Naturopathic Federation are  working with the World Health Organization in Geneva.

Their united goal is to create a global institute of Naturopathic medicine which will allow scientists to draw on traditional healers and herbalists as sources for medications and solutions to issues like malaria.

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In the Naturopathic lineage, we have known for centuries that your body can heal from:

  • Exercise
  • The right mindset
  • Foods
  • Nutrients
  • Herbal medicines

Take this message to heart in your own health journey. Drugs are only the answer for acute care or managing symptoms for short periods of time and even then there are always side effects to consider.

To your great health,



PS: stay tuned for an interview with a Naturopathic Medical student from my alma mater who is doing cutting-edge research on the antiviral properties of the pitcher plant.

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