Chicken Soup for the Spring Soul
May 2, 2016
Research Update: Resistant Starch
May 5, 2016

Note from Dr. C

How is your spring going? Are you getting outside? Are you making your health a priority? The idea I’d love for you to have is that health is not a place you get to, it is a mindset you live with.

This last week was a great milestone because I got to get out with some friends and enjoy the outdoors. I’ve had a few minor outings since my recovery, but I really couldn’t do enough to justify asking a group to join me.

The first photo is our product manager Josh Sorge on the left, Dr. Saman Rezaie in the middle, my son in the back, and me with the shades and serious hat hair on the right.

We had one injury in the group. Thankfully we found a rock that was just about a perfect exam table and Dr. Rezaie saved the day.

Dr. C hiking 2We think a lot about the food we eat – rightfully so. With your health mindset, I’d like you to think about the people and places around you as food also. In a way, these things are food for your mind and your emotions.

I’m so thankful to be able to spend time with the loving and positive people in my family and my team. I’m also thankful for the living aesthetics that I feel in beautiful places whether they’re natural or manmade.


This week I’d like you to think about two things:

  1. Surroundings that nourish you.
  2. People you can share them with.

Think of it like a wine and cheese pairing. What combination can you create to build a lasting experience?

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