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June 26, 2017
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June 28, 2017

ND Historical Books – The Lineage

A few months ago I got to meet a young man who just started Naturopathic Medical School. It was a blast to soak in his enthusiasm for our profession.

We had him over for dinner and he brought me some books as gifts. One of the Naturopathic Universities has archived books and writings from the last few centuries. A group of curators has worked to compile the writings into modern books and he gave me a few examples.

It has been so fascinating to read these books and see that we are all part of a lineage. All of us who are trying to live better and be healthy.

The old time Naturopathic physicians were ridiculously fit. They argued against chemical additives to food. At that time lead and arsenic were routinely added for food coloring! We have ways to go but things are better now.

They also talked about disease originating from the wrong ‘germs’ in the intestines, sedentary life, and an unhealthy mindset.

There are only a few thousand Naturopathic Physicians around but what makes us worth seeking out is that we are part of an unbroken culture that goes back hundreds of years. We’ve been fighting this good fight for some time and we have no plans of slowing down.

To your health,
Dr. C

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