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December 20, 2017
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January 3, 2018

Natural Deodorant

Dr. C has been trying to get me to stop using deodorants with aluminum in them for over 20 years. And I just started listening.

In my defense, I felt the options available back then didn’t smell great. Or they didn’t seem to protect you from odor for very long. So I went back to using my aluminum deodorant that smelled clean & pretty, and ‘worked’ for the entire day.

Please don’t get mad at me, because we all make mistakes in our youth that can turn into habits in our adulthood. And without realizing it, we continue bad habits because it’s something we’ve always done. When this happens, simply move forward from where you are and make the best choices you can from this moment on.

What was my moment?

A few months ago a friend of mine got breast cancer.

Aluminum in deodorants has been linked to breast cancer.

When she got that diagnosis, that was MY wake up call because I knew if it could happen to her, it could happen to anyone. So I asked everyone I knew what brands they used (because it saved me lots and lots of time researching).

Of the ones that were suggested, here were my favorites:

  • No deodorant. Yes, you will smell funky for 2 weeks as your body clears out the chemicals in your system. And then, like magic, you suddenly stop smelling. This is what I now do 97% of the time. However, there are a few instances when this doesn’t work:
    • When you wear clothing that doesn’t ‘breathe’
    • When there are lots of people in a warm room (like the gym…or a party)
  • Native (Coconut & Vanilla) – This one is my #1 favorite product by a large margin
  • Primal Paste (Jacked up Jasmine)
  • Schmidt’s (Lavender + Sage)
  • Piper Wai – Activated Charcoal. When it dries it smells like baby powder

Several friends suggested the crystal deodorants. Dr. C says the main ingredient in crystal deodorants is aluminum silicate. That’s exactly what you want to avoid. Just because a product is “natural” doesn’t mean it’s aluminum free. So be careful.

Hope this helps you.

Kirin Christianson

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