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October 11, 2017
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October 11, 2017

My favorite thing about Hashimoto’s? Helping you

Your thyroid is the gateway to everything. We know this because it affects your mood, your energy, your weight, and it can even prevent the onset of some chronic diseases.

Your thyroid is so important to your health that a program I normally charge $200 will be F-R-E-E for 7 days, simply because I want you to have access to this potentially lifesaving information. It starts October 16th.

You can save your spot for the Complimentary Thyroid Masterclass HERE

Of all of the questions I receive, thyroid questions are the most common. I address most of those in the Complimentary Thyroid Masterclass. Things like:

  • What tests should you get done?
  • What type of thyroid medication is best if you don’t want to be stuck on it for life?
  • Low carb, low fat, paleo, vegan – what is the best thyroid diet for you, personally?
  • How do you know if your thyroid is toxic?
  • How can you heal your cortisol levels so you can lose weight and sleep better?
  • How can you cure insomnia with Hashimoto’s?

Does this sound like information you would be interested in? If so, save your spot HERE

Look forward to having you join me.

In Good health,
Dr. C