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June 19, 2017
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My brother, the “Ultimate Superhuman”

What do you do when you want to calm down? You take a deep breath, right? Conscious control of breath is one of the most powerful ways to shift our health instantly.

Would you believe that a person was able to hold his breath for 22 minutes? It’s true, his name is Stig and here we are after he set his record. Imagine what he could teach us about controlling our breath for health?

True confession. That’s not me with Stig, but it’s his brother, Martin. I met Stig at a conference after he announced that I was his brother and gave me a hug. Then he got his phone and showed me a picture of Martin and I was flattered when others said we looked like twins.

I did an interview with Stig recently in which he shared a few powerful tips to help with your thyroid and adrenals. Check it out here.

If you enjoyed it, Stig has an in-depth free event going on right now also. Learn more here.

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