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September 25, 2017
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September 27, 2017

Join me and Green Smoothie Girl Robyn Openshaw

robyn openshaw - green smoothie girl

Have you gotten into green smoothies? I can’t live without mine. One of the biggest reasons that I got addicted to them is Robyn Openshaw, also known as Green Smoothie Girl.

Robyn and I connected years ago because we both share a no-fad approach to health and believe that it is more important to add good food than to be fearful and cut everything out.

She recently interviewed me for her podcast and we covered lots of topics ranging from adrenal and thyroid health to how vibrations of foods might matter more than nutrients.

We also talked about how she reversed her own thyroid antibodies with a high plant diet including intact grains and legumes.

Please enjoy the interview and let me know if there are other experts you’d like me to connect with.

Click Here for the interview.

My best,
Dr. C

robyn openshaw - green smoothie girl
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